I love sharing quotes from inspirational men and women. I take note from magazine interviews that stand out to me and I enjoy creating Instagram sized images on Canva to share. Enjoy browsing through and click the images below to see the full quotes! ❤

   priyanka-chopra-quote sheryl-sandberg-lean-in alicia-keys-allure-quote kate-upton demi-lovato-1 priyanka chopra Olivia Palmero  Judith Light Quote  Quote Lady Gaga IMG_7073 HilaryClinton-LivingLifeWithJoy.com (1) Sandra Choi - April 2016 GlamourZendaya-Glamour

Viola Davis - Glamour   Cara Delevingne Quote  Shay Mitchell - Seventeen  Rosie Huntington Whiteley - SelfMindy Kaling - InStyle  Amanda Seyfried - Vogue  Kate Winslet - InStyle  Kate Winslet - InStyle  Amy Schumer - Glamour (1)  Amy Schumer - Glamour  Nikki Reed - Nylon  Amber Heard - Vogue  US Soccer Team - Glamour  Taraji P. Henson - Glamour  Ivanaka Trump - Glamour  Kate Mara - Glamour  Ellen Page - Vogue  Lena Dunham - Vogue  Kate Upton - Marie Claire  Lais Ribeiro - Self Magazine  Zoe Kravitz - InStyle   sarah hyland - seventeen  Sarah Hyland - seventeen (1)  Gina Rodriguez - Seventeen  Taylor Swift - Seventeen  Jennifer Aniston - Glamour  Shawn MendesQuoted in Seventeen Magazine  Emily Weiss - Lucky (1)  Candice Lake - Lucky  Joan Smalls - Lucky  Olivia Palmero - Lucky  Misty Copeland, Seventeen  Michiel Huisman InStyle  Nicki Minaj - Glamour  Laverne Cox - Seventeen  Serena Williams - Vogue    Tilda Swinton - instyle  liya kebede - Glamour  Ansel Elgort Seventeen  Natalia Vodianova Glamour    Olivia Wilde InStyle  Natalia Vodianova Glamour        Lupita2LaverneCox  Drew Barrymore  RobinRoberts    Meghan Trainor  Meghan Trainor 2  I'm a fan of people who use their mind,  LupitaNyongo2  LupitaNyongo  KerryWashington6  ArianaGrande  MargotRobbie1   MargotRobbie2  As with everything in my life, when I  IMG_1646  IMG_1209  Instagram Post  Lupita2 MariaM2  TSwift1  Evernote Camera Roll 20150404 094827

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