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Looking for some bookish inspiration or a new book to add to your [never-ending] TBR list? Check out my book reviews, book excerpt posts and author interviews to get inspired to read! You can also scroll down to the end to see a list of author interviews and guest posts.

Organized by author last name. Collections with multiple authors are at the end. 


Rich Amooi


















Melissa Baldwin

Mandy Baggot


Tracie Bannister


Christie Barlow

Laura Barnard

Sex, Snow and Mistletoe

Kathryn R. Biel


Catherine Bybee



Carla Caruso







Laura Chapman

First & Goal CoverGoing for Twothreeoutbook







The Marrying Type Cover

Sophie Childs


Geralyn Corcillo

drakenfall-book-coverQueenGeralynCorcillocatch a falling starall-summer-on-a-date


Deborah Disney

Up and In cover jpeg


Janet Evanovich

Wicked Charms


Katie Fforde



Genevieve Gannon

Michele Gorman

Lauren Graham

Jane Green

Cat and Jemima J

Hilary Grossman


Jenny Hale

Summer at Oyster Bay Jenny HaleChristmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kissessummer by the Sea_3.inddA Christmas to Remember

Kristin Harmel





Tonya Kappes

get-witch-or-die-tryingBetting Off DeadA Charming HexFixin' To Die





Tracy Krimmer

lipsticks-and-lattesDating for Decades25587026Sparing the Heart








Colette London


Samantha March

Carrie Marsh



Holly Martin

christmas-under-a-starlit-skysummer-at-rose-islandFairytale BeginningsChristmas at Lilac Cottage







Alison May

Jessica's Christmas Kiss

Monique McDonell

Leslie Meier

candy corn murder

Maria Murnane


Robyn Neeley

Batter Up

Engy Neville

A Leap in Time



Carli Palmer

shore house slumming



Rebecca Raisin


Jessica Redland


Jordaina Sydney Robinson


Lola Salt

Sheryl Sandberg


Marilyn Simon Rothstein


Marcie Steele



Samantha Tonge

Samantha Tonge



Maggie Van Well

Maggie Van WellAngels in Seashore Cove


Noreen Wald


Sue Watson

the-christmas-cake-cafeBella's Christmas Bake-OffSummer Flings and Dancing Dreamssnow angels, secrets & Christmas Cake

Love, Lies and Lemon Cake by Sue Watson

Stacey Wiedower

25488218How to Look Happy

T. A. Williams

What Happens in Cornwall CoverTAWilliams-Beach-CoverTAWilliams-Alps-CoverTAWilliams-ChristmasCover




[Collections, Multiple Authors]

Petit_Four_03Summer DazeHot Stuff-Surfing Love Cover image


Exclusive Author Guest Posts

Carla Caruso – If You Were Going to Start Afresh, Where Would You Go & Who Would You Be?

Jordaina Sydney Robinson – Guest Post

Maria Murnane – How one particular friendship helped Bridges come to life!

Melissa Baldwin – Distractions? What distractions?

Laura Chapman – Tour of My Office

Mary Castillo – How to Listen to an Audiobook

Clare Chase – Valentine’s Day in Cambridge, UK

Julie Archer – The Importance of the Writer’s Retreat

Carla Caruso – Mermadelaide

Geralyn Corcillo – It’s Not About the Stocking 

Tonya Kappes – Halloween theme guest post

Nikki LeClair – Why a Beauty Company?

T.A. Williams – So is this the last appearance of a labroador?

Exclusive Interviews

Rich Amooi – Author Interview

Lisa Becker – Author Interview

Kathryn R. Biel – Author Interview

Sonali Dev – Author Interview, Character Interview

Jessica Goodwin – Author Interview

Layne Gray – Author Interview

Mary Geneva – Author Interview

Hilary Grossman – Author Interview

Jenny Hale – Author Interview

Brandy Jellum – Author Interview

Holly Kerr – Author Interview

Rachel Khona – Author Interview

Libby Kirsch – Author Interview

Liberty Kontranowski – Author Interview

Tracy Krimmer – Author Interview

Nikki LeClair – Author Interview

Vicki Lesage – Author Interview

Carol Maloney Scott – Author Interview

Robyn Neeley – Author Interview

Suzanne Nicole – Author Interview

Jordaina Sydney Robinson – Author Interview 

Laina Turner – Author Interview

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