Allure Bans the Term Anti-Aging

I was recently asked to participate in a questionnaire from Allure Magazine on their recent decision to ban the term anti-aging in their magazine. They wanted to know how I felt about this change and if I supported it or not. [In a nutshell I fully support this change!] The survey got me thinking about the term anti-aging and I was certainly interested in sharing my thoughts.

As an important leader in beauty, Allure is paving the way to fighting an age-old idea that aging is something to be frowned upon [no pun intended]. It’s normal to want to keep your skin looking fresh and young but the phrase anti-aging makes it sound like aging is a bad thing when it’s not. I think the idea of aging gracefully is a better phrase than anti-aging. There are numerous women in Hollywood that fuel the ‘anti-aging’ industry but there are also multiple women that support the aging gracefully mentality.

Personally, I’m proud of Allure for spearheading this movement because it means the magazine has given a lot of thought to the ideology behind what drives women (and men) to purchase products and the way we live our lives. I’m a beauty and skincare product lover but that doesn’t mean that promoting ‘anti-aging’ products is important to me. I personally want to keep my skin young and healthy but I don’t want to constantly worry that I’m going to age. It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of how. I hope that over the years I will age gracefully; aging without the worry of what I will look like and how I will be perceived by those younger than me. I hope to be observed based on my personality and love of life, rather than being judged if I get a few too many wrinkles on my face.

What are your thoughts on Allure’s ban on the term anti-aging? 


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