FabFitFun Review Summer 2017

As of today Summer is officially over in a month. September 22nd is four weeks away but I know it will be here before we realize it. I’ll be sad to see Summer go, but I know Fall is also a favorite for many people that live in Southern California as the weather is always pretty great anyways. Although I love scarves and all things cozy I’m looking forward to enjoying these last few weeks before they’re over.

Today I’m going to share my review of my Summer 2017 FabFitFun box and why it’s such a wonderful way to treat yourself! I realize I’ve been getting this seasonal box for a year now and have never made it a point to share my thoughts. Although it’s a little pricey compared to my $10 monthly boxes, it’s hands down one of my favorite subscriptions. They always have the best Add-On options too, which I’ll get more into in a bit.

This was one of my favorite boxes and at the same time was a little disappointing. They tried something new where you got to make selections but the items themselves were a surprise. If I had known what the items were I would have chosen differently on some of the selections. They remedied their error with the Fall box and now it’s fantastic!!

Product Box Items with Select Options [for Annual Subscribers]

  • Michael Stars Ruana, Retail $54
    • I loved this scarf so much that this item with the bkr water bottle made the entire box worth the price for me. I wore this on the 4th of July and it was fabulous.
  • bkr Little Water Bottle, Retail $35
    • I picked the pink over the blue but almost wished I had picked the blue. The pink is pretty though and I’ve used it every single day since I got it earlier this Summer. It’s a little on the heavy side but I love that it’s glass, it’s supposed to be better for you, right?
  • Kris Nations Mystic Gemstone Bar Necklace, Retail $58
    • I picked the blush color and thought I was going to love this necklace but it’s a little on the plain side for me and it’s really difficult to get on. I’m good at hooks and clasps and this thing is a pain.

Box Items with no Selection

  • Eau Thermale Avene Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+, Retail $24
    • I haven’t tried this yet but have heard great things. I prefer my SPF to be at least 30 and 50 always makes me happy. Looking forward to using this soon.
  • Cargo_HD Picture Perfect Highlighter in Bronze, Retail $30
    • I opened this the day my box came and have used it here and there since I got it. It makes a bit of a mess, as if it wasn’t pressed hard enough during production. The color is great though, so I was happy with this.
  • Vital Proteins Marine Collagen Peptide Stick Pack, free one time use sample included
    • I haven’t tried this yet but will make it a point to try it soon since I recently got back into healthy eating and this is supposed to be good for you.

Blind Selection Options: Travel | Kitchen | Beauty | Fitness | Art | Skincare

The way they did the blind selection was that you basically got to choose and either or, or both for an extra $10. I ended up wanting everything because they made it sound exciting, so I spent an extra $30 on the following items collectively so that I got 6 items instead of just 3. None of the items were worth the extra money that I spend and I was not a happy camper.

  • Travel: Understated Leather On The Road Again Travel Set (Passport Cover and Luggage Tag), Retail $28
    • This set is pretty but wasn’t really needed for me. I’ll use it though since it’s cute.
  • Kitchen: Salted Himalayan Pink Salt Kit, Retail $26
    • This is pretty but pretty useless in my kitchen. I’ll be giving this to someone else that might enjoy it and find it useful.
  • Beauty: Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk, Retail $20
    • I was annoyed that I paid an extra $10 to get this in my box. I get that I got it 50% off retail but I don’t spend that much on my dry shampoo unless it’s from Living Proof.
  • Skincare: Juice Beauty Smoothing Eye Concentrate, Retail $29
    • I haven’t tried this product yet but will try it once my current eye cream runs out.
  • Fitness: Way of Will 03 Soothe and Cool Post-Training Massage Oil, Retail $29.50
    • To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what this is for. I’ll need to read up and give it a try.
  • Art: Ready, Set, Create! Art Set, Retail $22
    • This was by far the most disappointing item I’ve ever gotten from FabFitFun and it embarrassingly cost my an extra $10 because it was a blind selection item. I get that the creator of this item is famous and greatly talented but to be honest, you’d be lucky to sell this for $2 in a regular store, let alone a ridiculous price of $10. It’s supposedly worth $22 retail value. Who in the heck would buy this is beyond me. Anyone want it?

My Add-Ons

  • Rollin’ with the Homies Bundle, Cost $11
    • This bundle came with a muscle roller and three resistance exercise bands. They’re bright, pretty, useful and were exactly what I wanted.

Overall, my box [minus the add-ons] was worth a retail value of $320.50 and I spent $75 on this box; $45 for my seasonal box plus $30 in the extra ‘blind’ selections. My favorite items included the Michael Stars wrap, bkr water bottle, and the Cargo_HD bronzer. Since those items alone would’ve cost me $119, I feel like I got my value’s worth out of the box. I’m happy that they’ve updated the way they do the selection options now. Starting with their Fall box you can see the item and the colors it will come in but the color you get will be a surprise. This way, you know what you’re paying for and which color options you might get.

Do you subscribe to FabFitFun? What were your favorite items in the Summer box? What are you most excited for in the Fall box?


If you’ve never subscribed but are interested, please use my referral link to get $10 off your first box!



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This post contains affiliate links with FabFitFun’s referral program. Thank you for supporting Living Life With Joy!


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