Review – Beautiful Messy Love

Yesterday I received a wonderful and exciting package in the mail. My print copy signed by author Tess Woods has finally arrived! [It’s amazing how long things can take to ship from all the way over in Australia here to California!] It was completely worth the wait and it now sits next to her first novel Love at First Flight on the bookshelf in my office. I was lucky enough to read an Advanced Review Copy from Tess and I’m excited to share my review of her beautiful novel with you today. I do hope this review inspires you to go get yourself a copy, as Tess writes beautifully and I can’t imagine a single person that enjoys women fiction not enjoying this story. Tess, thank you for sharing your lovely stories with us. I can’t wait to see what you create next. ❤

Beautiful Messy Love by Tess Woods

My Review:

Beautiful Messy Love is the second novel published by Tess Woods. Her writing proves to be beautifully written and thoroughly enjoyable. Her story intertwines two love stories in an interesting way and brings you through a full range of emotions; intrigue, happiness, sorrow, joy, pride, sadness, and love. It’s filled with emotional themes; dreams and goals, relationships and love, death and suicide, new life and new beginnings, starting over and letting go. Letting go of the person that you were and allowing yourself to be the person that you want to be, overcoming past losses and learning to live again are also themes in the story. It has an interesting political perspective and makes you realize that you shouldn’t label people under a stereotype based on their religion or political background [or in general]. Just because someone is Muslim and doesn’t wear a hijab doesn’t mean that they don’t pray to Allah and respect other people and want goodness and peace in the world. Often times when things aren’t going your way, it’s important to gain new perspective to help guide you to where you want to be in life. 

This novel is a prime example of how women’s fiction should be written. Beautiful prose, ideas that give new perspective and make you think. The story doesn’t focus on just one individual but rather it’s interconnected with other important characters and isn’t that a beautiful metaphor for life itself? You are not alone. Your life touches the lives of those around you and often times you’re all the better for it. You learn from one another, you learn how to love, you learn how to live, you learn how to keep living after loss. You support one another and ultimately, you grow – whether together or apart. You end up on the path that works for you, even if you veer off in the wrong direction at times. With insight and perspective, you will always find love. Beautiful, messy, and everlasting love.

Personal side note: I love that Tess named one of her characters after me! Her character Arielle and I don’t have much in common, but I loved seeing my name in print!!

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

I received a complimentary review copy via the author. All reviews 100% reflect my honest opinion.

About the Book

Title: Beautiful Messy Love

Author: Tess Woods

Published: August 1, 2017

Book Blurb: What happens when love and loyalty collide? Two couples must deal with the consequences of their messy love not just for themselves but for those who depend on them. For lovers of passionate romance in the vein of Nicolas Sparks.

When football star Nick Harding hobbles into the Black Salt Cafe the morning after the night before, he is served by Anna, a waitress with haunted-looking eyes and no interest in footballers famous or otherwise. Nick is instantly drawn to this exotic, intelligent girl. But a relationship between them risks shame for her conservative refugee family and backlash for Nick that could ruin his career.
Meanwhile, Nick’s sister, Lily, is struggling to finish her medical degree. When she meets Toby, it seems that for the first time she is following her heart, not the expectations of others. Yet what starts out as a passionate affair with a man who has just buried his wife slips quickly into dangerous dependency.
Through attraction, breakups, triumphs and tragedies, these two couples learn just how much their beautiful messy love might cost. A West Side Story for the modern day.

Book Links: Amazon US: ebook $10.99  | Amazon UK | Goodreads 


My with my new book!!

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