Author Interview – Carol Maloney Scott

Today I’m excited to tell you about a new novel by author Carol Maloney Scott called Love Pixies… AND share an exclusive author interview!

Interview with Author Carol Maloney Scott

What inspired you to write Love Pixies?

Since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated with magic, super powers, and anything having to do with fantasy. I loved the old Wizard of Oz book series by Frank L. Baum, and I wanted to be Wonder Woman in elementary school. After writing five novels in the Rom-Com on the Edge series, I was ready for a change. The Chicago location was inspired by my son – he is now attending college in the Windy City.

What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

I enjoy make-believe, and creating fictional worlds. I did it constantly as a child, and I have rediscovered this joy as an adult. To be able to make up stories and share them with strangers is truly a gift. 

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

My father always encouraged me to ask for what I want. He had a very successful career in sales, and always said, “No is painless.” If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. 

What are the things you can’t live without in your makeup bag?

I own an insane amount of makeup! If I buy anymore I am going to have to buy interchangeable faces to use it all up in my lifetime. But my must haves are foundation, blush, and mascara. However, I own about 200 individual colors of eyeshadow. So, there’s that…and holy crap, the lip colors! I wear a full face of makeup every day, even if it’s just to go to the mailbox. It makes me feel good.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I like to ride my bike, and we have a 55-mile bike path in the Richmond, VA area that leads all the way to Williamsburg, VA. My husband and I have a boat, so that’s a big part of summer, and we also like to sing. We have a big karaoke set-up in our house, and go out to sing at the various bars in the area. I love live music, especially rock, from all time periods. I am an aging head banger.  

A few of my favorite things (I’m sorry if you now have that song in your head)

Animal – mini dachshunds!

Season – summer

Movie – Jerry Maguire

Celebrity – Bruce Springsteen

Color – Purple

Food – Italian

Curse Word – F***

Book – Bridget Jones Diary

Dogs or cats? Dogs

Red or white wine? Red

Coffee or tea? Neither

Summer or Winter? Summer

Sleep in or get up early? Sleep as late as possible


About the Book

Title: Love Pixies

Author: Carol Maloney Scott

Book Blurb: For three lifelong best friends, a college graduation trip to Ireland is supposed to be their last hurrah before starting their jobs, and taking on the stresses and responsibilities of adult life. Heather, Tiffany, and Amanda are on a mission to turn the Emerald Isle upside down…or at least wreak a little havoc, drink a wee bit too much, and kiss hunky Irish boys…before returning to their hometown of Chicago.

When Rhiannon, a powerful fairy, pays a surprise visit to their adorable, thatched-roof rental cottage in County Clare, and persuades them to sign one-year Love Pixie contracts, their lives are drastically altered. Newly armed with fantastical superpowers, charmed necklaces, and the ability to turn ordinary substances into enchanted pixie dust, the girls join together to fight ‘love crime’ and help assigned couples on the brink of disaster build bridges back to happiness. It all sounds quite exciting, until they realize that learning how to use powerful magic is not only time consuming, overwhelming, and confusing – it’s not easy to hide from their family, co-workers, and most importantly – potential love interests.

To complicate matters even more, the trio is repeatedly tempted by the fairy’s rebellious sister, Aideen, who challenges them to break the rules. Perhaps if they listen to the ‘bad fairy’ they can finish their assignment quicker…and get back to work…and play…before anyone is the wiser.

However, the girls were raised to know that there are consequences to bad behavior – at least in the non-magical world. Afraid to ask if there is such a thing as magical jail, the two more sensible Pixies hope to rein in their most wayward partner – before their contracts are terminated…and their couple’s relationship implodes into a pile of ordinary dust.

Book Links: Amazon US: ebook $2.99 | Amazon UK | Goodreads

About the Author – Carol Maloney Scott

Author Links: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon

Bio: Carol Maloney Scott, author of the Rom-Com on the Edge series, is a frazzled new bride and wiener dog fanatic. She is a lover of donuts, and a hater of mornings. Recently unearthing a childhood passion for writing, she can once again be seen carrying around a notebook and staring into space. Her stories are witty, fresh and real, just like life.

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