Review – Blooming

Blooming by Ruby Loren

My Review:

This is the second book I’ve read by Ruby Loren and I’m really enjoying the author’s writing style. This novel has a women’s fiction feel with a small bit of a mystery vibe with a dash of a chick lit vibe. I like the setting of the garden grounds and a main character that pushes herself to overcome gender stereotypes that some jobs are for men vs. women. She’s physically strong and mentally strong-willed and she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty to get work done.

During a time of trouble she’s able to step up to the plate and gain control. This is a great story about believing in yourself and pushing boundaries to achieve your dreams. There’s also an underlying theme that you shouldn’t waste your time in a relationship with someone that doesn’t support you and doesn’t believe in you.

There are 6 books in the series and I can’t wait to check out where Lydia goes next!

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

I received a free ebook on Amazon. It is currently still free on Amazon, but do check that is the case before making a purchase. Book #2 is $0.99 and Books 3-6 are $2.99. All reviews 100% reflect my honest opinion.

About the Book

Title: Blooming (Blooming Series Book 1)

Author: Ruby Loren

Published: December 2016

Book Blurb: What do you do when the future isn’t a bed of roses?

Lydia has spent three years of her life working on what now seems to be a worthless degree. Every job she applies for needs years of work experience and she has precisely none. The only spark of hope comes when her boyfriend, Jake, manages to land her a role as a gardening volunteer at Heathley Park and Gardens, but when she meets the head gardener, Scott, her hopes are crushed.

Far from being the opportunity of her dreams, Heathley Park and Gardens is one big nightmare! Will she ever be able to prove to both Scott and herself that she should be taken seriously as a gardener?

Lydia is about to discover that love, life, and landscape gardening, is far from being a bed of roses.

Book Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Goodreads 

Check out the other books in the series too!



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