Guest Post: 5 Ways FitBit Helps You Stay Fit and Improve Your Lifestyle

Today I’m excited to share a guest post by a fellow blogger about one of my favorite things, the benefits of using a FitBit! I personally use a FitBit Alta and have had that for about two years now. Check out the post below, which includes a few external links to related articles if you’re interested in learning more. Enjoy! ❤

5 Ways FitBit Helps You Stay Fit and Improves Your Lifestyle

Guest Post by fellow blogger ‘Blogger Daddy’

If you’re striving hard to cut back on those calories and get up from the couch to hit the gym, but lack the motivation to do so, Fitbit is the best buy for you. Fitbit is an all-in-one fitness tracking device that keeps record of your physical activity, exercise and sleep patterns. By letting you challenge your friends and family and reminding you to drink water or take a certain number of steps, Fitbit motivates you adopt a healthy lifestyle. Here’s how:


1. Motivation

Although exercising in itself is a motivational activity, as release of endorphin from the body makes you feel accomplished, happier and makes you feel good about yourself generally, Fitbit offers motivation in addition to that. One of the many interesting features of Fitbit is that it lets you connect with friends and family on a whole new level. By comparing your stats to that of your friends, notifying you regarding everyone’s progress in an ongoing challenge, letting you begin a challenge on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and rewarding you with trophies, it encourages you to follow your exercise routine more religiously. It is good for your self-esteem and helps you maintain a healthy routine.

2. Set Goals

Your exercise goal is set as default to 5 days but you can change it as per your liking and need to a minimum of one day. The goals can be set for losing, maintaining or gaining weight. You can set your goals for taking a certain number of steps everyday, or running a certain number of miles in a week. The goals range in their versatility from sleep and running to water consumption and number of calories burned. Your tracker notifies you how far you are from achieving your desired goal and rewards you with badges and congratulatory messages once you achieve it. This makes exercising fun and keeps you going.

Fitbit is not restricted to adults only and is suitable for people of all ages, including kids. In fact, one of the best ways to beat obesity among kids is by buying your kids a Fitbit on their next birthday. It will help them stay motivated and do activities they don’t want to do otherwise.

3. Set Reminders

Fitbit is a cool gadget that lets you set and achieve your fitness goals by reminding you about them on time. Procrastinators and couch potatoes often require a little push to get them going and Fitbit is just the right device for such people. Fitbit lets you set reminders and allows you to customize starting and ending times for those reminders as well. If synced with the IFTTT app, that connects with the electronic devices in your house, such as your coffee machine or Smart TV, it performs a certain function for the conditions you set on the IFTTT app. e.g. If I don’t wake up by 7 a.m., turn on the Smart TV. What a time to be alive!

4. Keeps Track of your Physical Activity and Sleep

We might have some of the physical activity tracking features in our phones, but the Fitbit device tracks every kind of physical activity, including your sleep patterns. It records everything, from your steps taken, to floors climbed, to distance covered, to calories burnt in a day. It also notifies you about your active minutes throughout the day. The stats keep you motivated and updated on your daily physical activity. Moreover, it tracks your sleep hours and patterns, recording how many times you woke up or made a movement during the night. You can also use it as an alarm clock that only wakes you up and not everyone else in the house.

5. Keeps Count of your Calories intake

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while now without success, Fitbit is the right buy for you. It not only pushes you to hit the jogging track but keeps you motivated throughout the day. One of its most amazing features is the Food Plan. By recording and notifying you of all the calories you’re about to consume, it helps you choose your meals wisely. Moreover, it compares your calories intake and the number of calories burnt. You can even scan the bar-codes to know exactly how much calories does that peanut butter jar contain. This way Fitbit helps you get closer to your weight loss goal by only taking the essential nutrients.

Fitbit not only lets you achieve your fitness goals but also motivates you to do so. With Fitbit, you can definitely aim for a better, healthier lifestyle.



There are no affiliate links in this article. Photo credit: Bruno Nascimento via Unsplash

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