It’s Officially Summer!

Hello Summer!

Today is officially the first day of Summer and being that it’s my favorite season I’m excited that it’s here. Mind you, I live in Southern California where it practically feels like Summer all year long, but regardless there’s something special about those Summer days.



Photo Credit: David Lezcano via UnSplash

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4 thoughts on “It’s Officially Summer!

    • Thank you, I hope your summer is off to a great start too! Right now I don’t have many plans during the summer but my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend is in 2 weeks so we’ll probably do a little weekend thing. Oh and I am going to a wedding and a Mexican cruise with the bride, groom, family and friends right after the wedding. How about you, anything fun planned for summer?

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      • That sounds like fun! Unfortunately, I didn’t plan any vacation trips. I just graduated this May, and looking for a full-time job. So half of the summer is all about interviews) Since I live in a state of 10,000 lakes, I will try to explore more here in Minnesota:)


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