Month in Review – May

Goodness, May is over already?! The best thing about it being June is that I celebrated my 29th birthday on the 1st. I am officially in my last year of my 20’s and it’s a strange feeling to know that my 20’s are closing in and that I’m almost 30! Back when I was younger and the Spice Girls were all the rage, being in your 30’s was ‘like so old!’ but nowadays it seems as though 60 is the new 40, right?

Books Read in May

Books listed below in order they were read

  1. Run for the Hills by Carla Caruso – 5 Stars
  2. The First Year by Genevieve Gannon – 5 Stars
  3. The Dead Among Us by Carrie Marsh – 4 Stars
  4. Bored of the Rings by Rich Amooi – 5 Stars
  5. Ella’s Ice Cream Summer by Sue Watson – 5 Stars
  6. The Deadly Jellybean Affair by Carrie Marsh – 5 Stars

Standout Products I’m Currently Loving:

Active/Fitness Lifestyle Product

Columbia Global Adventure Packable Hat, $30 REI

This was probably the best $30 well-spent in quite some time. I purchased this at REI when I was getting ready to spend Memorial Day weekend in Yosemite. Before shopping in the store I did some research online and discovered that this hat is packable (aka you can crush it in your bag and it’ll look great when you take it out), which is useful when packing your stuff in a loose duffel bag.

It fits well, is comfortable, and keeps a lot of sun off your face, neck, and shoulders (but don’t let that be an excuse to skip the SPF!). It comes in two colors, beige and navy. I opted for the beige as I figured it would be better at reflecting the sun and would show less dirt.

Beauty Product


Curel HydraTherapy Wet Skin Moisturizer, $10.99 Target

This product is one that I was recently introduced to in a Target Beauty Box and it quickly became my go-to lotion. It’s easy to apply in the shower before you towel dry. It’s unscented and leaves your skin super soft and moisturized.

I’ve tried a few in-shower / after-shower wet lotions and this one is by far the best one I’ve tried. I found a few of the other brands to be a bit greasy when used as an in/during shower lotion and some of the other brands I found that their after-shower lotion wasn’t very moisturizing. This one is hands down a major winner. I highly recommend it to everyone, not just the ladies.



What did you read this month that you loved or what new products did you try that you loved? I’d love to hear from you and find out what you’re loving on! ❤




This post does NOT contain any affiliate links. All links provided are simply because I loved these products and wanted to share!

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