Review – The Deadly Jellybean Affair

The Deadly Jellybean Affair by Carrie Marsh

(Morhollow Sweet Tooth Murder Mysteries Series Book 1)

My Review:

I was introduced to Carrie Marsh’s writing when I joined her review team and have read a few of the books from her Millerfield Village Cozy Murder Mystery series. I have to say this new book is the best one yet! I absolutely love the story of an older gal that has hidden her witchy abilities for years, other than continuing to tap into her ability to speak with her cat familiar Alabaster. Only her husband knew she was a witch and she decided to not use her powers in order to lead a normal life.

It’s a time of endings and beginnings, and after her husband dies she decides to follow a dream that she’d never followed and opens a bead store. She ends up tapping back into her powers which helps her in searching for a murderer and trying to solve the mystery. It’s proof that it’s never too late in life to be true to yourself and accept who you are. And when that includes having special powers, who wouldn’t be interested?

This story was filled with humor, murder and mystery and was the perfect example of what a cozy mystery should look like. I highly recommend this book to all who love cozy mysteries.

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

I received a complimentary review copy via the author. All reviews 100% reflect my honest opinion.

About the Book

Title: The Deadly Jellybean Affair (Morhollow Sweet Tooth Murder Mysteries Series Book 1)

Author: Carrie Marsh

Published: May 31, 2017

Book Blurb: A Retired Witch… A Cruel Murder… Can a few old tricks solve a crime?

Left a very comfortable widow after her dear husband passed, Mary Tuttle has many abilities, some of which have allowed her to open the doors to her dreams, a bead shop by the name of Beads and Baubles.

But when she stumbles across the body of a dead Morhollow party-girl, Mary discovers that there are much deeper secrets behind the attack of her newly hired employee, who was beaten, bruised, and hidden just out of plain sight. There is no questioning the fact that Mary is compelled to solve the case and find the killer…

But she will need to return to her roots to do it.

Faced with the realization she will have to dust off her spell books, consult with her domestic cat, and be sure to steer clear of the police investigation, Mary knows she will have to play things carefully to find out the truth.But she will need to return to her roots to do it.

Of course, it would be a lot simpler if the Captain of the Morhollow Police Department didn’t happen to be her son.

Can Mary narrow down the long list of suspects before giving herself away?

Or will she take one too many risks and place herself in the sights of a killer?

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