Review – Run for the Hills

Today I’m sharing my review on a new book that is being released tomorrow. Run for the Hills is a wonderful women’s fiction novel written by one of my favorite Aussie authors, Carla Caruso. Read on to find out what I thought of the book and check back in tomorrow for an exclusive guest post written by the author and then go get yourself a copy of her new book!

Run for the Hills by Carla Caruso

My Review:

The story is about a young runaway bride. Normally you’d feel bad for a groom that gets left waiting at the altar alone, but Bridie is so sweet that you can’t help but love her and overlook that she ran away without talking to the groom first. In most runaway bride situations, the groom would be embarrassed and would eventually move on, but in this case the neglected husband-to-be is a multimillionaire and the press is having a field day with trying to capture a photo of the runaway gal.

After fleeing Bridie finds herself a temporary job with three handsome brothers that due to their late father’s will are making a go of running a successful wedding business. In the midst of trying to fly under the radar, Bridie finds herself tackling her new job with enthusiasm and trying to keep a sense of professionalism while a potential love interest is on the rise.

Can someone who’s gotten burned by getting too close to co-workers in the past let themselves repeat history? And if they do, will it turn out for better or worse this time around? I loved this story and would highly recommend it to all who love romance and women’s fiction. Filled with themes of love, running away, and ultimately finding love where you least expect it, Run for the Hills is a must read!


My Rating: 5/5 Stars

I received a complimentary review copy from the author via NetGalley. All reviews 100% reflect my honest opinion.

About the Book

Title: Run for the Hills

Author: Carla Caruso

Published: May 25, 2017

Book Blurb: The Belshaw brothers are back in Balkissoch…

Bridie Porter is wearing her Vera Wang gown and veil in the back of her wedding limo when she receives a compromising text about her hotelier groom. Panicked, she tells the driver to keep going and she flees from Melbourne to the small town of Balkissoch in the Adelaide Hills.

It’s the perfect pit-stop to hide from her ex and the press and to earn enough cash to stay out of sight. Unfortunately, the admin job she gets is for a wedding photography business and she’s had her fill of weddings lately. But it’s slim pickings on the work front in a town so teeny. And her new boss is strangely compelling…

After the rush and adrenaline of his job as an LA paparazzo, the last place Cody Belshaw wants to be is back in the small town where he grew up. But thanks to a clause in his father’s will that amounts to blackmail, Cody and his two brothers are stuck running a wedding business for at least a month. If there’s one thing that he’s learned in LA, however, it’s to keep business and pleasure very, very separate. Which makes his new admin employee the definition of temptation.

Bridie is desperate to stay anonymous. Cody seeks out secrets for a living. As they delve into the world of brides, boutonnières and dogs-as-best-men, both Cody and Bridie will have to decide if this is a fling…or forever.

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