Review – Alphabet Dating

Today I’m sharing a review on Alphabet Dating, a novel written by Monique McDonell. The main premise of the book is that a young woman’s group of friends wants to set her up with 26 dates in one month in an efforts to help her get over her last love and have the possibility of finding happiness.

Alphabet Dating by Monique McDonell

My Review:

I found myself constantly laughing at the different situations that Serena found herself in with the different alphabet men. I love a good alliteration and I liked that the guys did a date that went with their name, for example; Freddy took her flamenco dancing. Her friends set her up with some interesting and downright quirky characters. It was nice to see that her friends cared so much for her well-being that they would all go to the trouble to try to help her find someone special.

It’s easy to see early on in the book that Serena should end up with Harvey, and I think that some of the clues were added a little too early in the story, but I was happy that it was a possibility. If it does happen, he’s going to need to change his dating game though, as he’s known for being a bit of a player with the ladies. With the hilariously unseemly dating choices mixed with some family drama and terrible secrets, this story was entertaining and fun.

Side Note: There’s a few grammatical and typed errors that made bits of the book confusing. There were a few areas that needed to be edited further. Filled with quite a few grammatical errors, extra words thrown in, and wrong characters during a scene made some of the book difficult to read and not make sense. However, since this book was written a few years ago, I’ll overlook the editing issues in hopes that the current edition has since been edited for easier reading. Despite the editing issues, I’ll definitely venture on to check out some of her other works as other than the editing, this book was wonderful and entertaining.

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

(3 star rating due to the editing issues but 4 stars for the story itself)

I received a free e-book copy during a limited time sale on Amazon. All reviews 100% reflect my honest opinion.

About the Book

Title: Alphabet Dating

Author: Monique McDonell

Published: May 2013

Book Blurb: Serena’s friends have a plan to get her dating again – 26 dates in a month – one for every letter in the alphabet. What could possibly go wrong?

When Serena Sanders reluctantly agrees to participate in the Alphabet Dating Plan she knows it will be tough but there’s so much she hadn’t factored in. Who knew men were so complicated? Not Serena.

As she begins dating her way through the alphabet she starts to learn more about herself and her friends than she ever expected as secrets and hidden agendas are revealed. Alphabet Dating is a love story – a tale of lost love, unrequited love, platonic love and ultimately it’s about learning to love again.

Book Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Goodreads

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