Review – Children’s Books by Marion Mike

Happy Children’s Book Week! Today is the last day of the celebration and I wanted to share my review on a few fabulous books. The following three children’s books were all written by Marion Mike and illustrated by Laurie Eichhorn. All three books have an underlying message of believing in yourself which is a truly wonderful lesson to teach young children. They’re beautifully illustrated and the images make the story come to life.

Abagail Goes to Camp

A sweet story about a ladybug that looks different than other ladybugs. Most ladybugs are red with black dots, but Abagail is red with black dots. The lesson learned is to believe in yourself and find peace in knowing who you are, no matter what others might say about you. It also encourages people to not make fun of someone for looking different than you do. Just because they look different doesn’t mean that you won’t get along and have things in common. Different isn’t bad, it’s just different. Great story to share with young children.

Book Links: Amazon | Goodreads

What Dog Would Ever Love a Flea?

This is a story about a dog named Fergus that’s slowly starting to lose his eyesight. When he plays fetch with his boy he realizes the little boy’s friends tease the young boy that his dog can’t see and they tell him to get a new puppy. Fergus finds a new friend that helps him see. One day Fergus learns a lesson that although it’s wonderful to have help from others it’s important to believe in yourself. You never know what you can do until you set your mind to it.

Book Links: Amazon | Goodreads

Chester the Turbosnail

This is a story about not being happy with who you are and comparing yourself to others. If you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, is it really better to be like them? The lesson learned is that you should be true to who you are. Even if that means being a little slower like a snail. If you go too fast and rush through life you’ll miss out on all the beauty of the things that you pass along the way. Believe in yourself and find happiness in what makes you you.

Book Links: Amazon | Goodreads

About the Author – Marion Mike

Marion Mike is an award-winning public speaker and writer. She is in the Ohio State Hall of Fame for her work in drama. Maron is also a Speech and Language Pathologist living in Corona, CA.

About the Illustrator – Laurie Eichhorn

Laurie Eichhorn is an award-winning artist and photographer. She is also a freelance graphic designer living in Central Oregon.

About the Books

I Like Me! Productions, LLC was created by Marion in 1972 to promote self-esttem in children from pre-school through high school Marion and Lauire have been working together since meeting in Novato, CA in 1982.

Together they have created many stories, educational materials, seminars and programs for school san organizations across the nation.

For more information on I Like Me! Productions, LLC, visit,


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