Review – Lizzie Reaches the Rainbow

Happy Children’s Book Week! Today I’m sharing my thoughts on an adorable children’s book called Lizzie reaches the rainbow. It was written by a young girl named Lara Woods and the illustrations were done by her brother Tom Woods. Their mother Tess Woods is one of my personal favorite authors. (Check out my review on her novel, Love at First Flight here.) Although I’m not a mom I tried to view this book from the eyes of someone that would be purchasing a story for their own young children.

Lizzie reaches the rainbow

A children’s book written by Lara Woods, illustrated by Tom Wood

Lizzie reaches the rainbow is a sweet children’s book written and illustrated by two children of a women’s fiction author, Tess Woods. Her children clearly carry her creative talents, as you can see if you read the book they’ve created for young readers.

Lizzie reaches the rainbow is a story about a young girl whose parents argue and fight with one another all the time. She looks out the window and wishes she could be at the beautiful rainbow that lies beyond her home where it’s peaceful and calm.

Lizzie goes on a fun adventure and meets a fairy that teaches her important lessons and things to remember when life gets tough. This book talks about the importance of using your imagination to find peace and happiness, even if your current situation is less than positive. It’s a wonderful message of the power of positive thought and imagination and I would highly recommend this book for anyone with a young reader at home.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

About the book

Title: Lizzie reaches the rainbow

Author: Lara Woods

Illustrator: Tom Woods

Book Blurb: Lizzie’s home isn’t a happy one.
But when Lizzie makes a wish on a rainbow and
Fairy Imogen turns up, her life is changed forever.

A delightful story about the magical power of imagination.

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