Children’s Book Week

On May 1st to the 7th this year we celebrate Children’s Book Week. ‘Established in 1919, Children’s Book Week is the longest-running national literacy initiative in the country. Every year, events are held nationwide at schools, libraries, bookstores, homes — wherever young readers and books connect!’ Children’s Book Week is widely promoted by Every Child a Reader which is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring a love of reading in children and teens across America.

As an avid reader and book lover I’m constantly reminded that one of my great loves was born many years ago because I learned how to read well from a young age. I remember when other children would beg their parents for the latest toys, I was begging my mom to take me to Barnes and Noble or Borders to buy new books. I was that child that selected the maximum number of books that the library would allow you to take at one time and I usually finished them all before they were due back.

In celebration of Children’s Book Week I want to spotlight a few fabulous children’s books. I could go on for hours listing all of the books I loved as a child and growing up but instead I thought it would be fun to share a few new books that anyone with young children should know about. You never know what will become their new favorite!

Over the course of the week I’ll be sharing my thoughts on a few new children’s books. Note that my reviews are from the perspective of a young adult with no children, but I’ll do my best to view the books from the eyes of a parent with young impressionable children. Children have the capacity to have a wonderful active imagination and books are by far one of the best ways to feed that imagination and inspire intellectual growth.



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