Guest Post by Author Jordaina Sydney Robinson

This has been a fun-filled week on the blog thanks in large part to Jordaina Sydney Robinson, author of the Bridget Sway paranormal cozy mystery series. In case you missed any of the posts from this week I’ve shared my review on all of the novels in the series; the prequel novella Just a Touch Dead, book 1 Beyond Dead, book 2 Deader Still, and book 3 A Little More Dead. Today I’m excited to announce that Jordaina was sweet enough to write an exclusive guest post for me to share here with you, my readers. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check out all of the Bridget Sway novels!

Guest Post by Author Jordaina Sydney Robinson

Hey there!

First let me introduce myself. My name’s Jordaina and I’m the author of the Bridget Sway series that Arielle has been reviewing all week. If you’ve been reading her reviews (which I’m sure you have) you’ll know that Bridget is a ghost who solves ghost murders. Yes, that is a bit weird. And I get asked all the time where that idea came from. Until recently I just put it down to imagination but now I know it came from a real live person. Sort of.

When I was first finding my writing stride there was this boy (isn’t there always a boy?) and on a romantic whim, I turned him into a superhero, literarily (not literally) speaking. Because I’m super awesome, I included some of his friends and chronicled their superhero adventures as a birthday present to him. My relationship with the superhero version of the boy lasted the completion of a dozen short stories. My relationship with the real life boy didn’t. And I was writing pretty dang quick too!

He moved away and I hadn’t seen him for years until he popped up in town not so long ago. (We didn’t speak because I did that thing that I think everyone does when they’re unexpectedly confronted by a past sort of boyfriend/girlfriend—I ducked behind the nearest wall and hid!) It was while I was hiding that I had a flash of a memory of a night out. It was a fancy dress party on Halloween. His best friend had just broken up with his girlfriend and I have a clear memory of seeing her sitting in the toilets of this club, in her halloween costume and looking miserable. In that lightening flash of a memory I had a clear image of her costume (a ghost), of what she looked like, (pillar box red hair) and her name (Bridget).

I had no recollection of that memory or her until that moment but obviously some part of my writer brain clung to that image and tucked it away for future.

So, the moral of the story, I think, is be super nice to everyone because you just don’t know whose story you might end up in!!

Jordaina Sydney Robinson
Author of the Bridget Sway series

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