Review – A Little More Dead

A Little More Dead by Jordaina Sydney Robinson

My Review:

The moment I finished reading Deader Still I started reading A Little More Dead. I loved dropping myself into Bridget’s afterlife and witnessing all of the crazy things that happen to her. In case you couldn’t guess by now, the third book has even more dead ghosts than the last ones. This time we find out that some of the ghosts basically live in an insane asylum for the maladjusted dead folks. There’s one in particular that all fingers are pointed to for wreaking havoc, but Bridget’s dead set on finding out if they’re all missing the mark somehow.

I absolutely love the Bridget Sway series. Right now this third book is the most recent in the series but I’m sincerely hoping that Jordaina has more in store for us. I can’t begin to imagine all of the crazy adventures that Bridget will go on, but I’m hoping that the author will be whipping up something hilarious and entertaining for us soon.  As I’ve recommended the first books in series, I would recommend this novel to fans of cozy mysteries and books with a bit of a paranormal twist.

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

I received a complimentary review copy via the author. All reviews 100% reflect my honest opinion.

Title: A Little More Dead (Bridget Sway #3)

Author: Jordaina Sydney Robinson

Published: March 2017

Book Blurb: Having pretty much accepted her fashion disaster of a uniform, her job that doesn’t pay and the fact she’s dead, Bridget Sway is doing okay. That is, until her handsome parole officer’s homicidal ex-ward, Crazy Katie, escapes from a mental institution.

When bodies start falling at Bridget’s feet Crazy Katie is the natural suspect. Bridget and Sabrina decide all they need to do is find Crazy Katie, hand her over to the GBs and everything can go back to what passes for normal in the afterlife. Simple.

But with housemates like barnacles, a GB officer taking an exceptional interest in her and an irritating Barbie-esque adjustment companion, who might be her handsome parole officer’s girlfriend, dogging her every step Bridget’s afterlife just isn’t that easy.

On the up side, at least there aren’t any dead bodies stuffed in her locker …

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