Battle of the Boxes: January – March 2017

Could I possibly have an obsession with getting packages delivered in the mail? Hmm, the answer to that would without a doubt be a resounding YES!

I absolutely love knowing that a package is coming. I delight in getting my packages and parcels delivered and I immediately delve into what I’ve ordered. Many of the packages I have delivered are my monthly subscription boxes, which is even better because sometimes I don’t know what products are waiting for me inside. It’s fun to be surprised every so often, especially when it’s something pretty!

At the end of 2016 I decided to cancel my Birchbox subscription but I still get Ipsy and Sephora, so I decided to start doing a monthly battle of the boxes and will declare a winner each time. Since it’s already March, I decided to bundle the past three months into one post.

At the end of the year I’ll declare an overall winner, and then possibly I may finally decide to narrow it down to just one monthly subscription. Is that possible for an addict like me? I guess only time will tell! 😉


January 2017

Sephora Play – January 2017

This box was 50/50 for me. I loved the Clinique black honey lippie and the It Cosmetics CC cream was decent. Although I love Tarte, I was not a fan of this stick exfoliating cleanser. I literally had to look it up online to figure out what it was because I couldn’t figure out what the ‘3’ uses were. I’m not a fan of the Ouai brand because I don’t like the scent of many of their products. I haven’t had a chance to use the Drunk Elephant whipped cream moisturizer but I’ve liked their products in the past.

Overall Sephora Play January score: 3/5

Ipsy – January 2017

My favorite thing this month was the gorgeous gold glittery nail polish and it was such a beautiful color on! I loved the eyeshadow from Manna Kadar Cosmetics. The BB cream from Smashbox was nice, but not really my type of product. The tweezers were cute but you can tell they’re not very high quality and that the paint will chip off soon. They also don’t work that well, especially since I use pointy ones from Tweezerman. I was most disappointed by the lip sugar scrub from Jelly Pong Pong. I love lip sugar scrubs and although I loved the consistency of this product I absolutely hated the scent and threw it away immediately after trying it. Other than the nail polish and eyeshadow this was probably one of my most disappointing bags, especially since I didn’t think the bag itself was very cute.

Overall Ipsy January 2017 Score: 2.5/5

January Winner: Sephora Play

February 2017

Sephora Play – February 2017

My February Sephora Play box took almost the entire month to get delivered, so that was a little disappointing but they made up for it in the product selection they sent. There was only one product that I didn’t care for this month which was the Too Faced lip injection gloss. I’m not a fan of the venom lip plumper type products because I think they mostly just burn your lips and don’t do much on the visual aspect. Pain and no gain, no thanks! Yes please to the Origins eye cream, Clinique pep-start hydro-blur moisturizer, Sephora Lashcraft mascara and the Nars velvet lip glide.

Overall Sephora Play February Score: 4/5

Ipsy – February 2017

Ipsy made a major comeback this month and I fell in love with almost everything in my bag (other than the bag itself, which I liked but felt like it should have had a Valentine’s Day theme)! I loved the Luna highlighter, the NYX butter lipstick, the VENeffect anti-aging lip treatment and the Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in $12 latte. The only thing I didn’t love was the BellaPierre mascara because it took so long to dry that each time I used it, it got all over my under-eyes. I understand if a mascara takes a minute to dry, but 5 minutes should be more than enough time to not worry about making a mess on my face after application.

Overall Ipsy February 2017 Score: 4.5/5

February Winner: although they were both winners this month, Ipsy scored a bit higher

March 2017

Sephora Play March 2017

Sephora did just okay this month. I’m loving the Living Proof dry volume blast spray and the GlamGlow mega illuminating moisturizer. I haven’t tried the Josie Maran argan finishing balm, but it smells good and I’ll try it soon. Not a fan of the Bobbi Brown cream shadow stick and although I love Benefit, I’m not a fan of creamy highlighters, I prefer powder/shadow consistency highlighters.

Overall Sephora March Score: 3/5

Ipsy March 2017

Ipsy was AMAZING this month!! I LOVE the cosmetic bag, so gorgeous. Blush is one of my favorite colors, as is the beautiful turquoise blue of the Elizabeth Mott makeup brush and Mudmasky mask container. I love the liquid lipstick from Tarte. I’ve been wanting to try their liquid lipsticks but didn’t own any, and this color is a pretty neutral. Although I don’t really need new makeup brushes, the turquoise handle looks so pretty in the jar with my other brushes and it works well so it’s pretty and functional. I haven’t tried the mask yet but masks are my number one favorite product, so I’m excited to try it. The eyeshadow isn’t super useful for me because I love using a one-stop shop palette when I only have a few minutes to do makeup, but the color is pretty. The only disappoint here was the ModelCo eyeliner crayon. Even though my sample was sealed, when I opened it the entire thing was dried out like it had been sitting in a dry warehouse for three years. Since I loved the bag, that made up for getting a completely useless product.

Overall Ipsy March 2017 Score: 5/5

March Winner: Ipsy

Overall Battle of the Boxes Winner for January, February, and March combined is… Ipsy!

Interested in getting in on the monthly action? Use my referral link and I’ll get points through their affiliate referral program. Cheers!

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One thought on “Battle of the Boxes: January – March 2017

  1. Yes, absolutely, you can have obsession with packages lol
    I’m always so excited about my new ipsy bag! For now, that’s the only subscription I have, but as soon as I find a stable job, I’m signing up for more!
    What subscription box is your absolute favorite?


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