Quote – Tori Bergquist

Now that I’m in my late twenties I’ve made a habit of reading the daily local newspaper to stay updated on local and international current events. Last week there was an interesting article on a woman named Tori Bergquist, who runs a matchmaking company called The Agency. The company’s mindset is an old-school matchmaking ideology where two people are paired based on compatibility. No swiping or false profiles are included here, and there is a true authenticity to the way they operate. However, it’s got an exclusive club invite only vibe, and you’re only accepted into the club if you’re attractive and wealthy. Although it sounds ridiculously shallow, it’s also somewhat refreshingly honest.

Although Toni has had trouble finding the own love of her life, she has much experience on helping others. If you’re willing to take a little advice, here’s Toni’s words, directly from the article.

Toni’s Love Advice:

1. Love requires that you increase your emotional intelligence.

2. Prioritize relationships over possessions. “Without someone to share it with, it’s just stuff.”

3. Being nice is your most attractive quality.

4. Burn the checklist of what you think you need in a relationship. “Follow your heart.”

5. Look for love in your own age group, and try to find someone with similar life experiences.

6. Find someone who hates the same things you do.

7. Look for someone who wants to learn about life with you.

8. You don’t buy your way into someone’s heart, but you may laugh your way there.

This post contains information from the article written by Keith Sharon which appeared in The OC Register on March 24, 2017. 



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