Review – Kitty’s Countryside Dream

Kitty’s Countryside Dream by Christie Barlow

kittys-countryside-dreamPublished: February 2016

Book Blurb: New home. New life. New beginning. Love affairs can blossom in the most unlikely places . . .
When Kitty inherits Bluebell Lodge from her grandmother, a farm in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside, it’s time for fresh air and a fresh start. Up to her elbows in chickens and ponies, Kitty soon realises there’s an awful lot to learn about farming. Still, at least the locals seem friendly, not least her handsome neighbour Tom…

But just as Kitty is beginning to find her feet, and the possibility of love, the discovery of a long-hidden diary, by a mysterious character called Violet changes everything. Who is Violet and what is her message for Kitty? As Kitty fills in the lost pieces of her family jigsaw and discovers some shocking revelations, will her countryside dream and blossoming relationship fall to pieces? When it comes to life in the country, nothing is ever quite as it seems …

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My Review

Kitty Lewis inherits a home and chicken farm business from her late grandmother. She recently lost her mother, and her father died when she was young. She’s had a bit of a lonely existence and somehow the past few years she only spent time doing two things: taking care of her sick mother and reading. She has no friends, no hobbies (other than reading lots of books), no idea who she is as a person and no direction in life.

When she inherits her grandmother’s home and business, she’s faced with a new opportunity at life… and potentially love? She also inherits a cute friendly cat named Allie. Her attractive co-worker Tom seems to be flirty but also seems to be taken. Kitty’s Countryside Dream is a lovely novel filled with secrets, misunderstandings and romance. The story was very enjoyable and the characters were extremely likable. The novel was filled with humor, fun, secrets and romance, which turned out to be a great mix for this story.

4/5 Stars

I received a complimentary review copy via NetGalley. All reviews 100% reflect my honest opinion.

Arielle Joy

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