Review – A Summer at Sea

A Summer at Sea by Katie Fforde

a-summer-at-seaPublished: August 2016

Book Blurb: Emily is happy with her life. She has a steady career as a midwife that she loves. She enjoys the freedom of being a single woman. But she can’t help feeling that she could do with a little more excitement in her life.

So when her best friend Rebecca asks whether she’d like to spend the entire summer cooking on a ‘puffer’ boat off the dramatic Scottish coast, she jumps at the chance. A spot of sea air and all that delicious food sounds like a wonderful idea…

But Emily doesn’t expect the kitchen assistant she’s working with to be so jealous and competitive. And she certainly doesn’t expect to meet Alasdair, a handsome and captivating local doctor. Emily tries her best not to notice him. Because if she falls in love with Alasdair, as he appears to be falling for her, she might never want her old life back again…

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My Review

Emily is a midwife that specializes in home births. She’s overworked and in major need of a vacation. When a close friend that she hasn’t seen in years offers her an opportunity for a working holiday, she jumps at the chance. And so the adventure begins. Emily accepts Rebecca’s offer and takes sabbatical from work.

While on the boat she meets some lovely characters and most significantly, Alasdair and his young daughter Kate. Emily and Kate get on well, as in Kate’s mind Emily has no desire to marry Kate’s father. Being a friendly handsome doctor in Scotland, he’s a bit of an eligible bachelor and Kate has seen many young women try to befriend her to get to her dad.

A Summer at Sea was a lovely story, and although the reading went at a more leisurely pace than I’m used to, it had lots of excitement wrapped throughout. I liked the book’s viewpoints on home birth vs. hospital birth. I’m don’t think I’d ever want to have a baby at home, but it was interesting to read a bit about it and learn something new. The main themes of the novel were family, love, and opening your heart to new people and new places.

4/5 Stars

I received a complimentary review copy via NetGalley. All reviews 100% reflect my honest opinion.

Arielle Joy

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