Review – A Slice of Life

A Slice of Life by Margaret Lake

a-slice-of-lifePublished: 2012

Book Blurb: Originally published in the anthology, A Walk in the Woods, with six other stories.

Grace Coulter has been hiding in the kitchen of her family restaurant since she was eight years old. That’s when the name-calling began. Stretch, skinny-minny, boy in girl’s clothes, all because of the slender height that had her towering over even the tallest boys in the class.

Now, nearly thirty years later, Grace is head chef of the failing restaurant and still hiding in the kitchen. Like many businesses during the current recession, Coulter’s may have to start laying off employees or even close. But Grace has a plan to save the restaurant and the people she’s known all her life; a plan that will force her to go out into the world and face her fears.

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My Review

Grace is a painfully shy individual. She’s 37 and has never been on a single date, ever! Her parents thought she might have been agoraphobic but the psychiatrist deemed her as extremely painfully shy. She hides in the kitchen of her family’s restaurant. She’s finally venturing out a bit because in an efforts to help her family’s business.

This was short and sweet and I read it in one evening. I enjoyed the story of Grace and watching her journey of self-discovery. I can’t imagine that someone could be so shy that they could reach the age of 37 and have never been on a single date! I feel for anyone that may actually be in a situation like this. 

4/5 Stars

I received a free copy during a sale on Amazon. All reviews 100% reflect my honest opinion.

 Arielle Joy

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