Short Story Saturday Book Review – Completions and Connections

Happy Short Story Saturday!

Today I’m sharing a short review on a holiday novella written by Kathryn R. Biel, called Completions and Connections. Kathryn’s latest novel, Made For Me, was recently released and that story follows this novella. Although it’s always more fun to read books in order, they are stand alone novels and can be read by themselves. Check back soon for my review on the new full length novel!

Completions & Connections by Kathryn R. Biel

completions-and-connectionsPublished: November 2015

Book Blurb: Christine’s list of resolutions contains many clichés. Try something new. Buy a pair of heels. Get a promotion. Fall in love.
Seems simple, especially when Christine meets Patrick, the man who could be Mr. Right. He’s got the right credentials: a job, a sense of humor, a love of all things Indiana Jones, and best of all, he’s actually taller than Christine. But busy schedules take over and get in the way of Patrick and Christine’s budding romance.
Life interferes, as it has a way of doing, and Christine wants to throw in the towel. Is the magic of the Christmas season enough to renew Christine’s faith in love?

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My Review

This hardworking gal barely has time in her life for adventures and fun, and she certainly doesn’t have time for love… or does she?

This was a fun story about Catherine trying to get it together with Patrick. I loved Catherine’s character! She’s a big list person and I could relate to her ridiculous obsession and pride with checking things off her lists. This was a fun stand alone story that leads into a full length novel about Catherine’s best friend. 

Fun short romantic novel to get you in the Christmas spirit.

4/5 Stars

Arielle Joy



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