Quote – Priyanka Chopra

Today’s quote comes from a fierce young woman named Priyanka Chopra. You may know her from her work in over 50 Indian movies, or you may be more familiar with her recent work on the American television show called Quantico. Or you may not know who I’m talking about at all, and if that’s the case, I hope to change that for you today.

priyanka chopra

Writers and musicians are the people I admire. To be able to write, to be able to come up with something from thin air and create a story, that’s the purest form of art to me. I love books. I have a library at home, and there’s an armchair and a lamp in the middle of it. My favorite thing to do is grab a glass of wine and a great book and maybe put on some old-school Cafe del Mar or something like that. I’m a Cancer, so I’m very much a homebody.

Priyanka Chopra quoted by Veronica Chambers in the August 2016 issue of InStyle Magazine.

When reading celebrity interviews in magazines, one thing that never fails to excite me is when I find a common bond or personal connection with the celebrity as an individual. I recently read an article on Priyanka in InStyle Magazine and I was thrilled to find out that we share a love of books and reading. Reading is one of my favorite pleasures in life and I love discovering that people I admire also enjoy reading books in the comfort of their homes. Priyanka is a true example of what beauty looks like, both on the inside and out. ❤


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Arielle Joy


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