Quote – Olivia Palmero

Olivia Palmero

Olivia Palmero quoted in the August 2016 issue of Allure Magazine. 

#NoMakeupMondays have become a popular social media theme post. Women everywhere embrace their natural beauty, without makeup and share their naturally beautiful ‘selfies’. I think it’s a wonderful mindset for women to love who they are and support one another in appreciating themselves. One of the best ways to be naturally beautiful is through proper nutrition, hydration, sleep and a great skin-care regimen. I was inspired by a quote from Olivia Palmero in the August issue of Allure Magazine; “The best compliment you can receive is that you look well rested.” Who wants to be told that they look tired? Certainly not me! Being told you look well rested is one of the best compliments a woman can receive because it means you look happy, healthy and relaxed, which in turn, means you look beautiful!

Do you enjoy sharing #NoMakeupMonday selfies? I’d love to see some below!

Arielle Joy



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