How to: 5 Minute Makeup

Although I may be a bit makeup obsessed, I’m also a big believer in getting my beauty sleep. When getting ready in the morning, whether it’s for work or on the weekend going out, my makeup is the last thing I do before I walk out the door. Sometimes when I hit the snooze button one too many times, I end up with only 5 or 10 minutes to do my makeup. Read on for my top 5 beauty products to get you out the door in 5 minutes.

How to- 5 minute makeup

Half the trick of doing your makeup in 5 minutes is having a skilled hand, but the other half is knowing which products to use and which ones to skip. Liquid eyeliner is a BIG HUGE NO! when you need to get out the door in just a few minutes. How many times have you messed up your liner and it’s taken almost 5 minutes just to fix it? Take it from me and save the liquid liner for those days when you have 10-20 minutes to do your makeup. These are my top 5 makeup products I grab when I’m running low on time: 1) Fast Foundation 2)Blush 3) Mascara 4) Eyebrow Tamer 5) Moisturizing Chapstick

1. Fast Foundation – Hourglass’s Vanish Foundation

Three weeks ago I would’ve never suggested foundation on my list of 5 minute makeup products. Usually foundation takes a while to apply and make sure it’s even and smooth, but since I was introduced to the new Vanish Foundation from Hourglass, I can honestly say that I can get out of the bathroom in 5 minutes (well, for the time spent doing my makeup anyway). It’s super easy to apply and blends quickly, evenly and perfectly! It’s a bit on the pricey side at $46 for the foundation stick (and $46 for a one-time purchase on the brush) but I swear it’s worth it. When you’re short on time, with this foundation you don’t even need to use concealer! [I received the foundation stick and foundation brush for free for testing purposes and I can’t tell you how happy I got it, because this product has completely transformed my morning makeup routine!]

2. Blush – Benefit’s Dandelion Box o’ Powder Blush

At first glance this blush looks a bit pale and seems like it wouldn’t be good for someone like me that has a medium complexion. However, once I started using this blush, I haven’t switched to anything else. I’ve tried a few blushes I’ve received as samples, but I keep coming back to this one for my everyday rosy healthy glowing look.

3. Mascara – Giorgio Armani’s Black Ecstasy Mascara

Almost anything you read will tell you that mascara is a must, even on days when you only have a few minutes and I am a total advocate for that! A few quick swipes of a good mascara will do wonders for waking up your entire face. Right now I’m loving the Black Ecstasy sample I got from Giorgio Armani, but there are countless amazing mascaras that you can use.

4. Eyebrow Tamer – Benefit’s Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel

Oh Em Gee! Another newbie on the market, this little brow gel is fantastic! I’ve always struggled to find a good way to tame my naturally thick eyebrows and this thing does just the trick. It’s good for adding a little volume, but I honestly use it because it’s like a good hair spray; it keeps my brows in place without making them crunchy to the touch.

5. Moisturizing Chapstick – Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15

Never, never, ever leave your house without a moisturizing lip product!! Sure a matte cream lip looks great, but it takes a few minutes and a steady hand, which isn’t always available when you’re running around getting ready to leave the house. Instead, grab a moisturizing chapstick with a subtle hint of color. My favorite lip treatment is the berry color from Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment product line. It’s super moisturizing and has just enough color to brighten up your face, but subtle enough that you don’t need a mirror to apply it. On average I’ve got at least 3 of these in different colors in my handbag but the berry is by far my favorite. At $22 a piece for the full size product, it’s a bit expensive for a chapstick, but I can’t tell you how completely worth it it is! Just don’t carry too many at once, or you’ll be likely to misplace and lose them.

Okay, so I took an extra 5 seconds to take a quick selfie this morning after I did my makeup only using the 5 products listed above. What are your go-to products when you’re short on time in the morning? Share your favorites and your own selfies below!

How to: 5 Minute Makeup

Arielle Joy




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