Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Summer is by far my favorite time of the year. When I hear the word Summer I think about beautiful sunny days filled with delicious warmth and yummy tropical drinks. Regardless if you work full-time, or have the Summer off, Summertime is the best! One of my favorite things that happens during the Summer is… The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!! If you love shopping as much as I do, I’m sure you’re somewhat aware of the Nordstrom Sale. Every year towards the end of July, Nordstrom brings in brand-new products and prices them on sale for about a third off the regular price for a limited time. If you’re going to shop at Nordstrom, and they have items you want, this is THE time to shop!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The main thing I look forward to during the Anniversay Sale are the special beauty products. They always bring in large sized products at fantastic prices. There are certain products they generally carry each year during Anniversary and I was happy to find that my go-to products were included again this year. I purchased the Clarins SPF 50 duo (Sale $62, retail value $84), which is my go-to every day moisturizer with SPF. I wear this on top of my regular moisturizer which happens to be the Clinique Moisture Surge, which also was on sale (Sale $96, retail value $199).

My other beauty product purchases included the Lorac eyeshadow and blush palette (Sale $18, practically free!), a pair of anti-aging gloves from Iluminage (Sale $33, retail value $45) and the essential greens booster trio from 8G (Sale $25, retail value $37.50).

You can’t shop the sale without being distracted by the clothing and accessories…am I right?! I purchased 2 pairs of leggings; Plaid Hue Trouser Leggings (Sale $26.90, retail value $40), Black Hue Seamed Skimmer Leggings (Sale $26.90, retail value $40), 1 pair of cozy socks;Treasure & Bond Knit Over the Knee Socks (Sale $9.90, retail value $16), 2 scarves; Shiraleah ‘Anya’ Plaid Scarf (Sale $24.90, retail value listing removed – product sold out), BP Stripe Pattern Scarf (Sale $18.90, retail value $29), and 3 tops; Lush V-Neck Crepe Blouses (Sale $27.90, retail value $42).

In addition to the beauty and clothing purchases, I also treated myself to a bit of new lingerie, which I decided not to share for privacy reasons. I do recommend checking out the wonderful selection available in the lingerie department that’s on sale before everything goes back up to regular price!

As you can see, I spent a good deal of money during the sale, but I also saved a lot and got a ton of great product while doing so. I’ve already used most of my new beauty products, and I can’t wait to cut the tickets and wear my new clothes!


Are you a Nordstrom Anniversay Sale shopper?

What purchases did you make this year?

Arielle Joy



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