Influenster Sprout Box

Today I’m excited to tell you about five products I was recently introduced to and had the opportunity to try out for testing purposes. The following items were given to me in the Sprout VoxBox from from Influenster for free, in exchange for an honest review.

SproutVoxBox - by Arielle Deltoro

The Sprout VoxBox had 1 full and 4 single-use sample products inside of this bright, fun box!

Sprout VoxBox

It had 3 food products, 1 beauty product and 1 product for my laundry room


Influenster Sprout Box Contents

1. Orgain Oganic Protein

Single use vanilla bean flavored protein powder, with $5 off coupon

My Rating: 5/5


This protein powder was delicious and simple to use. The nutritional information for this product is in line with the brand I currently use, but the flavor was way better! It held me as long as my regular whey protein powder normally does.

Orgain Nutrition

I tried the recipe on the back of the package when I used my sample and it was so delicious!! 1/2 cup milk (I used 1%), 1/2 frozen banana and the protein powder sample mixed in a blender. I highly recommend the recipe and the protein powder itself. I’ll be using my $5 off coupon very soon!

Orgain Smoothie


2. Curate – Dark & Tempting Balsamic Fig & Hazelnut

My Rating: 4/5

CurateAt first I was hesitant to try this bar because I personally hate hazelnut. Gasp! I know all of you Nutella fans out there are shaking your heads at me, but I just can’t stand hazelnut. This bar somehow has hazelnut in it, but it’s jam packed with all of the other delicious flavors. I gave it a 5/5 for flavor and consistency because it was absolutely delicious and I must say, was one of the best fruit/nutty type bars I’ve ever tried. It’s comparable to Lara bars and the like but in my opinion, so much better! It didn’t crumble, it wasn’t mushy and I felt like I was eating something healthy… because I was!

Curate Nutrition

Although this bar was delicious, I gave it a 3/5 for it’s nutritional value, however it is in line with similar products, so I can’t really mark it down too heavily for that. When I’m eating a meal replacement or snack type bar, I always wish they could have more fiber and protein, or less calories for the amount of fiber and protein it does have.

3. EatSmart Snacks – Garlic Hummus Tortilla Chips

My Rating: 4/5

EatSmart ChipsThese chips got an overall 4/5 rating from me in all areas; flavor, consistency and nutritional value. Flavor and consistency is the first thing I think about when trying a food product. I thought the chips could have been more garlicy and I didn’t like how dirty my fingers got when I ate them, similar to Doritos. These aren’t super healthy chips if you read the nutritional value, however it’s in line with similar products. Again, I would’ve loved a bit more fiber!

4. Ecos – single use laundry detergent

My Rating: 5/5

EcosThe Ecos laundry detergent could be categorized as unscented, which is what I prefer. I used this on a load of my white towels. The detergent left my towels clean and soft. Score!

5. Clairol Hair Food – single use shampoo and conditioner duo

My Rating: 4/5;Conditioner: 5/5

Clairol Hair FoodShampoo: 3.5/5

I gave this a 5/5 for scent and consistency, 4/5 for lather, but a super dissapointing 3/5 on the clean feeling when I rinsed it out. It left my hair with a rubbery clean feeling rather than a nice and clean feeling.

Conditioner: 5/5

I gave the conditioner a 5/5 on all counts; scent, consistency and clean feeling. It left my hair untangled after rinsing out and it rinsed away the rubbery feel of the shampoo. Although it made up a bit for the terrible shampoo, I don’t think the conditioner was wonderful enough to warrant buying this or recommending it to friends.


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