Mermadelaide by Carla Caruso

There’s something happening on social media right now that you have to check out! One of my favorite Australian authors is telling a story online about a mermaid through social media posts. [By the way, Carla is one of my favorite authors in general, but she happens to be Australian!]

I don’t know about you, but I love the mermaid trend happening right now. Perhaps I’m a bit biased because my mom named me Arielle and I grew up on Ariel the Little Mermaid? I always said I was going to dye my hair red when I got older but now it seems the mermaid trend falls back from the Disney idea of Ariel to a more ‘natural’ mermaid blue. Perhaps if I was a natural blond I would jump on the bandwagon and give the color a go, but my dark brown hair refuses to cooperate! Read Carla’s guest post below, then click on the links to follow her story on social media.


Guest Post by Carla Caruso,

Check out this mermaid romance tale – being told post by post!

SelmaMermaids are bigger than Disney’s Ariel right now, in case you hadn’t heard! (And you no longer have to be under eight to appreciate them.)

Here are several reasons why mermaids are on-trend:

  • The ‘mermaid’ pastel hair – everyone from Kylie Jenner to Rihanna are dying their locks blue
  • The Little Mermaid In Concert hitting the Hollywood Bowl this month, featuring stars like Rebel Wilson
  • Mermaid performers actually making a good living from being hired out at parties and clubs
  • Stores selling everything from realistic mermaid tails for kids and adults – hello – to cozy mermaid-tail blankets
  • Celebs like Richard Branson donning a merman tail for World Oceans Day this June!

Mermadelaide model Jade Allen - pic James Elsby 2Not that I actually knew all this when I had a mermaid story swimming around in my head and pitched the idea to the SA Writers Centre (in Australia, where I live) for its digital-writer-in-residence program.

At any rate, the Centre gave me the green-light, and I’ve since been telling a story – via daily Instagram and Facebook posts – about a mermaid stuck in the city, dubbed ‘Mermadelaide’.

It’s all a totally new experience for a romantic comedy author like me, used to writing lengthy manuscripts for paperback or ebook form. But I’m having a blast! And with our shortened attention spans, courtesy of Netflix and texting, maybe ‘fast fiction’ via social media might even become more widespread in future?

Mermadelaide model Jade Allen - pic James Elsby 3To help tell the story, I roped in Adelaide model Jade Allen to play my urban-mermaid ‘Luna’, plus my photographer hubby, James Elsby, to take the pics and video, and my arty sister, Daniella Caruso, to add illustrations to the mix.

Naturally, being a romance writer, the mermaid tale involves a romance – with a human guy!

You can follow Luna’s journey here or here until June 25. Or find out more about the project at

Since starting the tale, I’ve had an idea to do another digital story – involving a ghost girl… it just depends if I garner a keen enough audience!

Mermadelaide model Jade Allen - pic James Elsby 4


Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the links to read the story on social media!

Arielle Joy

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