Blog Format Update

I’m not afraid to admit that I have a bit of a shopping problem when it comes to makeup and skincare. I get monthly beauty box subscriptions from Ipsy, Birchbox, and Target (when I can order early enough), seasonal boxes from FabFitFun, and Walmart, occasional promotional boxes from Influenster, occasional samples from various promotional companies, and all of this is on top of my normal online shopping at Sephora and Ulta.

Blog Format Update ComingI decided that I’m going to start sharing beauty and book haul posts everytime I receive or purchase something new. Once I’ve tried out the products, I’ll come back and update the post with new photos, reviews and personal notes. I think in a way, it will make my blog posts and reviews more interactive and relevant. I’ve gotten into the habit of taking photos of my products right away, but then I wait to post reviews until I’ve tried all the products in the box. Sometimes I don’t get around to trying one of the items for a while, and then I lose track of time and realize that I haven’t shared my thoughts about the products in the box at all.

Since I’m officially 28 (as of Wednesday the 1st), I’m going to revamp my blog and treat this as a spring [or summer?] cleaning of sorts. I want my blog to be interactive and fresh and I think that this will help change the way my blog is presented to the world.

As always, I’m open to your thoughts, comments, suggestions or words of encouragement. Thank you for reading and supporting Living Life With Joy!

Arielle Joy


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