Recipe & Giveaway – Artichoke Spinach Dip

Unless you missed my blog post on Monday, you’ll know that I’m currently running a giveaway sponsored by Culinary Corner. No worries if you missed it, I’ll give you a brief rundown on it again! The giveaway is exclusively for my readers. One lucky person will win a gift set filled with all of the silicone kitchenware products Culinary Corner has on the market right now; set of 3 spatulas, baking mat, ice molds and retractable funnel. [Their products can be purchased on Amazon via the Culinary Corner website and my readers can use the code ARIELL10 for a special discount.] Enter the Giveaway by clicking the link here: a Rafflecopter giveaway. Today I’m going to show you my favorite way to use the first item in their product offering that I was dying to try… their gorgeous set of 3 turquoise silicone spatulas.

Spinach Dip

Today I’m going to share my artichoke spinach dip recipe with you. It’s seriously one of the most delicious dip recipes I’ve ever tried, and it’s not super unhealthy like most artichoke spinach dips are these days. I originally got a similar version of this at a local Trader Joe’s tasting counter but altered it to suit my personal tastes. Superbowl Sunday is only a few days away and why not bring one of America’s all-time favorite snacks?! Make a quick stop at the store for a few simple ingredients and this dip will be ready in no time. Trust me, the ladies and gentlemen in your life will thank you!

Artichoke Spinach Dip   Recipe Ingredients

The Ingredients & Extra Notes


I buy all of my ingredients for this recipe from Trader Joe’s except for the light mayo and the tortilla chips. The great thing about this dip recipe is that you can add ingredients or use less of something that’s called for. The original recipe called for a can of roasted red peppers, drained and chopped. I’m not a fan of red peppers, so I left it out. If you don’t like artichoke much, you could use one can instead of two. This is a dip, I’ll dare to say that it’s mostly fail proof, so if there’s an ingredient you don’t love, go ahead and experiment!

I was excited to try out the new silicone spatulas I received from Culinary Corner. Not only are they gorgeous [if you don’t already know by now, my favorite color is turquoise], they’re easy to use and made mixing the dip ingredients so easy! I’ve never really used spatulas in the kitchen, but this set has definitely changed that! I also used them when I whipped up the batch of cookies for the recipe I’ll be sharing next week. They make mixing so easy!

SpinachChopped SpinachI use a 12 oz bag of baby spinach from Trader Joe’s. I’ve seen recipes that use a bag of frozen chopped spinach. You could use that as a substitute if you wanted, but I always would use fresh when possible. If you don’t like as much spinach, you can use less, to taste.

chopped artichoke heartsIMG_5646 2Here’s a photo of the cans of artichoke hearts I use in the recipe. You’ll want to drain and chop well. If you’re not handy with a knife, you can always use a kitchen food scissor to help you. I wouldn’t suggest using a food processor or blender, unless you want the dip to not be chunky at all. I personally prefer it with a little texture, but if you want a completely smooth dip, you could throw this all in a food processor, like when you make hummus.

Parmesan Cheese

IMG_5649 2I use a 12 oz bag of freshly shredded parmesan cheese. This is mainly where the calories and fat are coming from in this recipe, so if you were looking to make it healthier, you could use less than a full bag. I think this is the best part, so I wouldn’t suggest it, but you’re more than welcome to cut back on this one a bit if you choose to.

Light MayoI personally use light mayo for this recipe, but you could use regular mayo if you prefer. I don’t think anyone can tell the difference, and it’s unnecessary fat and calories when the light stuff works just as well. I picked up a bottle of the light mayo at my local Smart & Final, though you can obviously pick up mayo wherever you shop locally.

GarlicI don’t know about you, but I LOVE garlic… but I hate chopping it because the smell lingers on my hands for days! Trader Joe’s sells a small can of crushed garlic that eliminates this problem for me. I keep it on hand and toss in a teaspoon whenever I want to cook with garlic. It’s an extremely useful ingredient to keep on hand for any garlic lover out there. I used 2 teaspoons of this in the recipe, though you could use freshly crushed garlic that you’ve made yourself.

Mixed IngredientsMix all the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl. I like to use a metal bowl and now my turquoise spatulas are on heavy rotation when I bake. Your mixed ingredients should look a little like this…

Serve it with tortilla chips, bread or crackers, whatever suits you best. I picked up tortilla chips from a local mexican store called La Reina. If you live near a mexican grocery market, you should go in and get a bag. Nobody does tortilla chips better! If you don’t live near one, Trader Joe’s or any other grocery store always carries a Tortilla Chipsnice selection of tortilla chips.

This artichoke spinach dip is so good that when I made it last weekend for a friend’s gender reveal party, half the dip was gone before I even got to take a photo of it! It was Dipa huge hit then and is a huge hit every single time I make it. Going, going, gone! This dip is a winner and one you’ll find yourself wanting to make it quite often, whether you’ve got one friend coming over or a party full of people.



I’d love to know what you think of this recipe. Is it something you’ll try out this weekend to bring to Superbowl Sunday or for an upcoming party? Let me know your thoughts below. If you like the recipe, please share it on your social media or Pinterest so that others can try it too! Arielle Joy


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