Hello December

Hello December

Can you believe it’s already December and 2015 is almost over? It seems every year when December rolls around, I still feel like I’m getting used to it being the current year instead of the previous year, and same for the years before that. It’s a never-ending cycle of astonishment over how quickly time and life passes by. When you think about it like that, one of the most important things you can do is appreciate the time you have and spend it with the people that are important to you and doing the things that bring you joy.

On that note, I realized I never shared a Thanksgiving day post and although I’m a little late in doing so, I hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving day celebrating the holiday with friends and family. I feel sorry for anyone that was required to miss out on this special time with family because they were required to spend their day working. Every year it gets worse than the year before. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping as much as the next girl, but I believe there should be some boundaries on major holidays that are intended to be spent with your friends and family and not slaving away in a store to help sale-driven frantic customers. Don’t companies understand that those people will still come shop the day after Christmas as they always have on Black Friday? I personally am more of a fan of online shopping when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. How about you?

Now that November is over and December is here, it’s time to get into full-holiday mode. A while back I decided that I would be using an editorial blog schedule. I haven’t stuck to that yet, and will begin sticking to that schedule come 2016. For the last month of the year, I’m going to be across the board with my blog posts. Mostly I’ll be wrapping up and sharing book reviews for the books I’ve read this year that I haven’t gotten around to reviewing yet. Be on the look-out for a lot of book reviews over the next four weeks!

I would love to hear from you on how you wrapped up November and how you’re preparing for December. How did you do your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale shopping this year? What’s on your must-read list this month?

*Photography above taken by Arielle Deltoro.
Please do not use without permission or giving credit.

4 thoughts on “Hello December

  1. Lovely post, and yes the year went so fast again! December always so busy! Black fri was kind of crazy in Seattle! I was shopping downtown and a huge protest ruined the festivities, not kewl! Anyway Merry Christmas and have a great new year@!


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    • I’m all for workers having the day off, but I’m not a fan of protesting. That’s good you were able to still enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by the blog. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!


  2. I have a different perspective when it comes to the retail industry. I know a lot of people who work in that field and they actually take advantage of the opportunity to work on Thanksgiving to earn extra cash for Christmas. I worked many holidays in the healthcare field, before I became a freelance writer, and it was kind of nice to see patients on a day when I’d otherwise be gorging on holiday treats. I do see your point about corporate greed, however. As for the year ahead, I’m hoping to incorporate and editorial calendar too. I may go back to Coschedule, and actually pay for the service belond the free trial!

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