Friday Finds | What’s in My Pocket?


Inspired by The Book Vixen’s blog, I’ve decided to start sharing my weekly round-up of Pocket finds. If you’ve never heard of Pocket before, you’re seriously missing out. Go check out The Book Vixen’s blog post about it and get started!


tmdbooks❤ How to be a Jerk Reviewer

Written on May 20, 2015 on #TMDBooks By Trish Marie Dawson

Article Link

adverbs The Ban on Adverbs

Written on

Article Link

Book cover for Maureen Johnson's The Key to the Golden Firebird❤ Chick-lit will survive, but don’t count all female authors in

Written on May 13, 2013 for the Telegraph By

Article Link


grief❤ This is What Grief Feels Like

Written on March 6, 2015  for The Pool By Sali Hughes

Article Link

twitter❤ My Open Love Letter to Twitter (#KindOf)

Written on June 3, 2015 for The Huffington Post By

Article Link


pop newsletter❤ The POP Newsletter by Katherine Pickett :



tmd❤ #TMDBooks by Trish Marie Dawson :


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