What’s in my Pocket Wednesday? | May 13, 2015


Inspired by The Book Vixen’s blog, I’ve decided to start sharing my weekly round-up of Pocket finds. If you’ve never heard of Pocket before, you’re seriously missing out. Go check out The Book Vixen’s blog post about it and get started!


❤ OC Recommended: 50 Must-Sees, Must-Eats & Must-Dos in OC

A list of fun activities to do in Orange County, from anaheimoc.org

Link: http://pocket.co/soaBuj


❤ 3 Writing Tips Every Writer Should Consider

A short and funny article for Buzzfeed written by Gina Henning.

Link: http://pocket.co/soexfR

eBook Reading Habits: Are all those 99c/99p books being read?

Article on all of those $0.99 promo books written by author Michele Gorman on her blog.

Link: http://pocket.co/soeoQQ

Who Is the Romance Novel Reader?

Article written by  for the Huffington Post

Link: http://pocket.co/soeowX

7 Reasons It’s Actually Totally Feminist To Read (And Write) Romance Novels, Thank You Very Much

Article written for Bustle.com by

Link: http://pocket.co/soexfu

❤  The Importance of Keeping A Notebook 

Article written by  for PsychCentral.com

Link: http://pocket.co/soeo9b


❤  This 15-Year-Old Boy Is Campaigning For Guys To Bring Tampons And Pads To Class  

Article on how one young teen can make a positive impact on the world around him. Written by  for Buzzfeed.

Link: http://pocket.co/soeoff


Mrs. Mommy Booknerd’s Book Reviews

Author Michele Gorman’s personal blog


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