Quote of the Day | Margot Robbie

Are you friends with me because I’m a cool person? Or are you subconsciously aware of the benefits that could come with being with me? It eats away at you mentally. I’m so overly optimistic to a fault, but this job has made me start questioning people’s motives.

Margot Robbie | Marie Claire


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Margot Robbie quoted in an interview in Marie Claire Magazine on the way her life has changed with her fame. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it must be to not know if someone is friends with you because they like you as a person or if they’re doing it because they like the benefits and perks that come with being friends with a famous person. I admire that she would rather be burned by those people in order to not be cynical and be suspicious of the true friends that she does have. ❤



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