Book Review | Wedding Bubbles

Wedding Bubbles: A Romantic Comedy by Kate O’Keeffe

Publication Date: July 1, 2014

wedding bubblesBook Cover Description

Wedding Bubbles is a laugh-out-loud chick lit short story.
All the best Maid of Honor speeches involve fun stories and heartfelt feelings about the bride, and Jessica Banks’ speech is no exception.

Shame she drank almost her body weight in champagne before standing up to give it, however…

But maybe Jessica will meet her Mr Right at this wedding? After all, being a bridesmaid almost guarantees you’ll meet men. Right?

What could possibly go wrong?

Wedding Bubbles is a stand-alone short story, introducing Jessica Banks.

It’s also a prequel to the novel Styling Wellwood: A fashionable romantic comedy.

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My Review

Being an only child, 26-year-old Jessica must constantly deal with her mother’s disappointment that she’s not in a serious relationship yet. The story opens at her best friend’s wedding reception, though it was the last place Jessica wanted to be because it took place in her hometown. The very place that up until this point, she has done a great job of actively avoiding. To make matters worse, she’s had a bit too much to drink, oh and she hasn’t given her maid of honor speech yet. Let the laughter ensue.

Wedding Bubbles is a very short prequel to the full length novel, Styling Wellywood. It’s short and sweet and gives you a little taste of what the novel will entail. It made me laugh from page one and left me looking forward to reading the full novel to find out what happens next in Jessica’s drama filled life. I personally like to enjoy a drama-free life, but that doesn’t mean I don’t find it completely entertaining to read about other people’s drama!

‘Although I’d left here and vowed never to return, Laura’s one of my best friends and she made me promise on my Prada handbag that I’d be here for her wedding. Although the handbag was only a cheap knock- off from China, I was true to my word.’

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

Connect with the Author – Kate O’Keeffe

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Kate O'KeeffeFrom the author’s bio on Amazon & Goodreads:

Deciding long ago that feel good stories and happy endings shouldn’t be limited to just children’s books and fairy tales, I decided to create such worlds through my writing. Because life can just sometimes suck, can’t it?

I’ve loved chick lit and romantic comedies since I first encountered Bridget Jones as a young, impressionable writer. It really was a match made in chick lit heaven for me! I like to take on serious subject matter and wrap it up in warmth, wit, and humour.

I’ve been a teacher and a sales executive, but am now content as a mother, madly writing all the ideas I’ve accumulated during my time on this planet we call home.

I live and love in New Zealand, with my wonderful family and my two very scruffy, naughty dogs.

Styling Wellywood: A fashionable romantic comedy is my first novel. I’m working on another, so watch this space…


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