Book Review | Down the Aisle with Bridezilla

Down the Aisle with Bridezilla by Carli Palmer

Publication Date: October 28, 2014


Book Blurb

In the golden land of Malibu the sun is hot, the ocean breeze is crisp, and the brides are deranged! Dealing with four demanding clients, Megan Waters thought her job as a wedding planner would involve romance and eternal bliss. Instead her profession has been causing drama, outrageousness, and has made Megan reach for the aspirin bottle in her top drawer more than once. Along with her business partner Sasha, Megan runs Happily Ever After – a company that helps brides create the most amazing weddings that their gold card toting selves could dream up and pay for. With a small but devoted staff Megan runs into contact with everything from poison ivy covered bridesmaids to exploding wedding cakes. At this rate Megan is going to need a tranquilizer shot…

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My Review

Down the Aisle with Bridezilla is a cute story about love, life and relationships. Megan Waters is a sucker for the fantasy life of television and can’t help but cater to her overly demanding brides as a wedding planner at the company she co-owns called Happily Ever After. She’s focused on everyone’s happily ever after except the one that matters most, her own.
Megan deals with one bridezilla after another. While reading this novel I asked myself, are all woman that crazy or is there something about planning your own wedding that brings out the crazy and demanding side of women?! It’s amazing how much self-control Megan has in front of her clients, despite that other than the fact that they’re paying her to do her job, they really don’t deserve her patience. Seriously, so much crazy! There were some hilarious and entertaining brides though, and my favorite was Olivia with her lavish, over-the-top wedding theme. Although it’s her job, Megan needs to find her backbone and set some personal limitations and boundaries with her clients.
While away on business at a wedding convention, Megan meets a gorgeous guy named Brian and they immediately hit it off. Can Megan afford to let someone new into her already jam-packed busy life? Even someone that seems as perfect as Brian? Just because she doesn’t act like a princess doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be treated like one every now and then. Is he who she thinks he is or does he have a secret life that he’s not telling her about? Will she be able to find true love and her own happy ending?
Good friends are there for you in times of joy and times of trouble. Megan has wonderful people in her life that are there for her every step of the way. It’s was delightful to read about the friendships and interactions in her life. I loved that Megan was willing and excited to go on a tropical vacation by herself. Made me want to take a vacation to a tropical resort, and it especially put me in the mood for a deliciously cold piña colada on a pink sandy beach! 5 stars for this one. Loved the characters, relationships and situations throughout the novel and I will be on the lookout for anything else the author whips up!
Side note: There were quite a few grammatical errors and wrong words used, but it was an ARC, so hopefully the errors were fixed before the final edition was sold. Either way, I don’t think it would distract from the overall enjoyment of the novel.

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

An ARC was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Receiving novels free of charge in no way reflects on my honest opinion and no monetary compensation was provided for my review.


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