Monday Musings | March 23, 2015

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’ve been a bit MIA on my blog recently. I’ve been good about updating my ‘Daily Deals’ page [go check it out for daily freebies and $0.99 ebook deals] but I’ve been really bad about posting quality content consistently over the past two weeks.

I realized that if I don’t type up and schedule posts on the weekends, it doesn’t generally happen during the week. I’ve been keeping myself super busy and haven’t made the time to schedule posts like I’ve been meaning to. Between working full time and getting in quite a bit of time at the gym, there hasn’t been much time left over for blogging. I’ve been reading, but even that has fallen from the amount that I was reading on a regular basis.

Mind you, I’ve been really happy lately with everything going on in my life, so there’s no complaints from me. Just wanted to say hey to everyone that follows my blog and to let you all know that there will be more quality and consistent blogging in the near future. Don’t give up on me!


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