Sophie and Suze’s NetGalley Challenge


I’m excited to share that I’ve signed up for Sophie and Suze’s NetGalley Challenge! They recently held a book reviewing challenge which I unfortunately missed out on, but it was well received by a ton of book bloggers. I can’t wait to participate in their latest challenge, as it will help encourage me to get through as many of my NetGalley books as possible. Be on the look out for lots of reviews over the next two months! Interested in participating? Sign up now! Here’s the link to Suze’s blog.

To keep track of my progression during this challenge, I should let you know that I currently have 32 books waiting on my shelf to be read and reviewed, which gives me a 51% Feedback to Approval Ratio. The goal on NetGalley is to always be at 80%. During this challenge I’m going to read and review as many of the books that I possibly can that are waiting for me…and stop requesting more until I do!



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