Monday Musings | Hello February!

I can’t believe it’s already February! The first month of 2015 went by way too quickly!! Today for my Monday Musings post I want to wrap up the events of the past month and share my goals for February with you.

Although January went by quickly, it was a productive month for me in terms of working on my New Year’s Resolutions. The two main things I’m proud of this month were that…

  1. I’ve been diligent about improving my blog content by posting on a consistent basis and had the opportunity to share two fabulous author interviews.
  2. I am on track with my goal to read at least 6 books a month.

February is going to be a big month for all things book related. I’ve got seven [yes you read that correctly, seven!] author interviews scheduled this month, plus lots of fun book promotions and reviews to share. My main bookish goal this month is to stop putting off writing book reviews. I’ve gotten into the habit of finishing a book and hopping right into the next one. This means that I’ve been writing the reviews much later than intended; days later, weeks later, even a month later. Not a good habit.

My second goal for February is to work on my resolution to start living a healthier life. I’ve challenged myself to do something positive for my health every day this month, no exceptions or excuses allowed. My plan is to do something fitness related every day; 30 minute walks in the neighborhood, exercise classes at the gym, cardio time on the elliptical, or even just doing a workout yoga or cardio video at home. It’s not going to be easy [that’s why it’s called a challenge] but I have confidence that I can do this!

Check back in next month to see how I’ve progressed with my goals. ❤


What are you proud of for accomplishing in January and what are you challenging yourself to accomplish in February?


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