Monday Musings | The Health Benefits of Red Wine

Last night at dinner with my family, we got into an interesting discussion on the health benefits of drinking wine.  Chances are if you’ve ever picked up a health magazine, at some point in time you’ve read an article or a short blurb telling you that having one glass of wine a day is good for you. They generally say that red wine is better for you than white, though I’ve never paid attention to why because I prefer reds, so yay for me!

Our discussion was mainly about whether or not that one glass of red is actually good for you, or if it’s just something the wine industry has in some way ‘encouraged’ this idea to be a fact. Think about it, if everywhere you read says that wine is good for you, aren’t you more likely to indulge yourself? (When it comes to wine, I certainly am). If you take a quick look at ‘Alcohol and Heart Health’ on the American Heart Association‘s website, you will find that they acknowledge that red wine may have healthy benefits. However, they also mention that the health benefits could have more to do with other lifestyle factors other than drinking red wine.

What to believe? What to do?

I’ll tell you my honest opinion about the matter. I generally don’t trust any studies that ‘suggest’ a correlation between two things without reading about the hard evidence that is associated with the study. When we’re talking about making changes for my health and whether or not to eat something or take some type of medication or pills, I like to do my homework before I make changes. Overwhelmingly I think that everything is better in moderation; one to two glasses of wine vs. a whole bottle, a few pieces of chocolate vs. the whole bar, a slice of cake vs. the entire thing. You get where I’m going with this, right?

Sure, I’d love to believe that drinking wine is good for me, the same way I want to believe that drinking two cups of coffee in the morning is good for me. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but either way, when I pour myself a nice glass of red, you better believe I’m going to enjoy. ❤



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