Quote of the Day | Sarah Burton

Lee [McQueen] used to say that it doesn’t matter what you feel, as long as you feel something. I think that’s really important.

Sarah Burton | A Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year 2014IMG_0339

My Commentary: Growing up, Alexander McQueen was always my absolute favorite fashion designer. There was something about his somewhat dark vision that really got me. It was with much sadness that I learned about his unfortunate self chosen death in 2010. He truly had one of the greatest artistic minds of our time and it is a shame that he chose to leave this world so early in his life. Fortunately for the infamous design label that he left behind, Sarah Burton was a ‘behind-the-scenes part of his artistic vision and stepped up to take on a role that no one else could have done. She has continued to shape McQueen’s legacy into something so wonderful and I continue to love and covet everything that she has done for the great design house. I loved the quote that she shared about Lee’s thoughts on having something that you feel, whether it’s good or bad. Of course, for me, my thoughts generally run towards very very happy but it’s important to acknowledge both sides of the spectrum when it comes to ones’ feelings.  ❤ 

Image Quote created by Arielle Joy: Photography and Quote found in Glamour Magazine’s Women of the Year 2014 edition


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