Quote of the Day | Natalia Vodianova

Be positive. Don’t dwell on the negative. Move forward into what is next.

Natalia Vodianova | A Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year 2014


My Commentary: Natalia is a truly beautiful person, both on the inside and out. Nicknamed Supernova, Natalia is a Russian model and philanthropist, well known for her rags to riches life story. She is the founder of the Naked Heart Foundation, who’s mission is ‘to ensure that every child has a loving family, and a safe and stimulating place to play, the two things essential for a happy, fulfilling childhood.’ She has worked to achieve wonderful things for children through her philanthropic endeavors and she is a true inspiration. Take her words to heart, ‘Be positive. Don’t dwell on the negative.’ If someone can come from her background and truly make something of herself and do good things for other in the process, I believe that we can all learn to be positive people too.  ❤ 

Quote Image created by Arielle Joy: Photography and quote found in Glamour Magazine’s Women of the Year 2014 edition


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