Quote of the Day | Kindness is a Choice

Cleverness is a gift, kindness is a choice.

Jeff Bezos



My Commentary: The first person I always think of when I hear the word clever is Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. Which leads to thoughts of Emma Watson playing Hermione. I sound like I’m rambling, but I do have a point, I promise! It is a wonderful thing to have the capacity and tenacity to study and be intelligent but it is a choice on whether that person chooses to be kind in addition to being smart and clever. Being a kind person is one of the most important decisions people make on a daily basis and it can have a huge impact in the lives of others. I’ve always believed that it’s easier to be nice than it is to be rude and it’s not that difficult to be friendly. Granted, I understand that sometimes someone is having a rough day and they can’t find it in them to be friendly and kind. Those are the people that we should be reaching out to with our kindness, when they need it most. Don’t forget to smile at someone today, just because. Did I mention it’s free? 

Image found on RealSimple.com


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