Quote of the Day |Keep It Simple

This year my New Year’s Resolution is to keep it simple. Live, love, eat, and laugh as much as possible. Stay Present. Thank the universe for not only what I have, but for what’s ahead.

Nikki Reed | WhoWhatWear.com



My Commentary: While beginning to think about what my own New Year’s resolutions will be this year, I found a few really great celebrity 2015 resolutions on Pinterest from WhoWhatWear.com. This one from Nikki Reed was by far one of my favorites and it stood out to me, in part for it’s simplicity, but also because these things are the basic foundation for a happy life. Regardless of what our resolutions are-whether they be about losing weight, being more productive, learning to have patience, and so on-everything boils down to the basic idea of creating a happy life for oneself. Allowing yourself to live a happy life can be really simple. Be present in the moment, do the things that make you happy and appreciate the good things you have in life. ❤

Image found on whowhatwear.com


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