Quote of the Day | Success & Failure

Her success is not your failure.




My Commentary: This is such an important statement to keep in mind at all times. You should never wish failure upon someone else and their success does not mean you failed. Perhaps if you are applying for the same job and someone else gets the promotion, then technically it does mean you failed to get the promotion. But generally speaking, others’ successes in life do not take away from your successes. We should learn to be happy for one another and support each other every step of the way. And, if you do feel inadequate, ask yourself why that is. Are you jealous of their success because you don’t think they deserved it, or are you upset because you wish you worker harder to achieve your dreams? Often times the way you project an attitude on someone else, speaks heavily about how you feel about yourself. So take a moment to contemplate on your feelings the next time someone succeeds in something they’ve set out to do. Be happy for them. Don’t you want others to be happy and excited for you when you succeed too? 

Image found on Society6.com


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