Quote of the Day | Vivienne Westwood



My commentary: This quote is always appropriate and true, but never more so than during the holidays when people buy in abundance. As I get older, I am learning to buy less and really think about the pieces that I do buy. I would rather have one nice leather handbag than 6 crappy handbags that will fall apart before the season is over. I’ve always started to eliminate the clothing and accessories that I no longer wear (or made a mistake when I purchased them and never wore) and the last thing I need is to continue to buy a ton of stuff that I don’t need. Life is about more than what you have in your closet. Of course, it’s nice to have nice things but it’s almost important to have an edited wardrobe. It saves a ton of time when getting dressed. And wouldn’t you rather spend your time off having fun than spending hours to get ready?!

Image found on www.mabellestyle.ca


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