Sunday Spotlight | Should Be Reading

I’ve never done a Sunday Spotlight before-and to be honest I’m not really sure if it’s a ‘thing’-but I’m going to go for it! I hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes or stealing their weekly event idea but the thought struck me and I love the idea of taking the time to spotlight someone you admire and think is fabulous. Going forward I’d like to invite you to join me in a Sunday Spotlight post. You can write about someone you know, someone you just met, or even about someone you don’t know. Bottom line, write a post about why you admire this person or how they inspire you and why your readers should know how fabulous they are. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on writing Sunday Spotlight posts and if you like the idea!

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 6.47.02 PMToday I am going to share a story with you about someone that recently inspired me. I was recently inspired by a fellow blogger in the WordPress community that writes a blog called Should Be Reading. MizB is an avid reader (she usually averages at least 70 books a year!) and constantly has fun book-related posts (she was the inspiration behind my Friday Finds posts). I enjoy reading her blog and the other day I noticed that she had really cute social media button links on the sidebar of her blog. I tried to figure out how to make them myself, but after wasting quite a bit of time, didn’t have a clue how to do it!

I decided to contact her through the link on her site and asked if she wouldn’t mind sharing her secret to the adorable link buttons. I mentioned that I understood if she didn’t want to share her secret, but that I would greatly appreciate the help. Never having contacted her before I wasn’t sure if she would respond, but less than 20 minutes later I had a lovely email waiting in my inbox! Not only did she respond but she was more than happy to share her brilliant secret with me. I took her advice and was easily able to adorn my own sidebar in a similar fashion. Did you take a look? Aren’t they cute?!

In conclusion to this post, I’d like to send a huge THANK YOU across cyberspace to the lovely MizB and highly suggest you go check out her blog! It’s heart-warming to be part of such a supportive online community. I feel lucky to have found genuine people that hold similar interests, that not only talk about caring about others but actually make the effort to show people that they matter. MizB, you have a big fan in me and hopefully, through this Sunday Spotlight post, you might have a few new ones too!



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