The Joys of Spring Cleaning


Oh the joys of Spring! That lovely season of increased gym memberships in between the jolly holiday season of over-indulgence of food and gifts you didn’t need and the anticipation of the wonderful summer days that lay ahead. In honor of the first official day of Summer tomorrow and today being the last day of Spring, I thought I’d write about what I’ve been doing during the last few days of the season.

Yes! I finally made the time to knuckle down to partake in Spring Cleaning and let me tell you, it felt fabulous! There’s something to be said for cleaning your room, your home, your car and your office that makes you feel like you’re being productive and making your life better. I’m not just talking about the physical cleaning, but of the down-and-dirty act of organization and making decisions.

Starting last week I began to systematically go through my room to get organized. First I began by getting rid of crap that’s been sitting around and threw out old papers, ticket stubs and the like that I’ve been holding on to for no apparent reason. Then I went through my closet and drawers to refold, organize and eliminate.  I made large donation piles of clothing that hadn’t been worn in a long time, had no sentimental value to me and that I was sure that I would never wear again. Then I organized everything that I wanted to keep and continue to use and wear. It felt good to one, get organized and two, do something good by donating wearable clothing to an organization in need.

If you are ever feeling overwhelmed by disorganization or clutter, I highly recommend that you bite the bullet and do yourself a favor. Whether it’s one drawer at a time, or an entire weekend project, just do it! I promise that you will feel refreshed and collected. And if you do take my advice, maybe you’ll stop wasting time when you can’t find what you’re looking for; you’ll know exactly where everything is supposed to be.


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